Dear Minimalists, Some People Need the Stuff. There, I said it.

When I first started my minimalist journey, I was hanging out in a lot of minimalism centered Facebook groups and one of the big conversations that would stir within these groups were frustrations with family members who would buy gifts for them or request gifts. Since we’re inching closer to Christmas time as I write this article, I felt like I needed to put in my two cents on the matter — because that’s what the internet needs, more people loudly stating their opinions. (JK) My hope is that this will give you a slightly shifted perspective on gift giving, stuff, and being patient with how others choose to live and give.

How I Teach My Kids to Have a Healthy Relationship with Stuff

The more I share my minimalist lifestyle practices, one of the biggest questions I get asked is how I manage my kid’s toys. As parents it’s pretty tough not to feel overwhelmed by the amount of toys our kids have especially when we are the ones who have to pick them up. A quick Google search and you’ll find there is no shortage of ways to manage your kids toys most of which require too much time and energy for me to muster. (Think organizational systems, charts, etc.) Well, I’ve taken a different approach. I don’t do the toy organization systems (well, I mean, I did try for a hot minute), and in fact, I don’t try to limit my kids’s toys at all. Yup. Let’s break down why I am a minimalist with and my children are not.

5 Ways to Inspire Giving to Keep Kids Humble at Christmas Time

I hope I’m not the only one who has happened upon a Christmas-crazed child who seems overly obsessed with presents and the Christmas tree instead of giving and togetherness. No? Just me? Just my kids? Great. Well, even still, if there happens to be some other Christmas-crazed parents out there who want to find a way to keep Christmas light and fun while incorporating a little more than just gifts, I have put together 5 super simple ideas for shifting the focus away from gimme, gimme, gimme, and a little more toward the heart and soul of giving and love.