Minimalist Kitchen Essentials Are A Scam. Here’s what you really need.

I’m always finding myself caught in this minimalist hell of frustration when it comes to seeing other minimalist creators. There are some out there who tend to slap the word “minimalist” in front of things like gift idea lists for Christmas or kitchen essentials. In reality, this is just another form of pushing over-consumption with the handy dandy label of being minimalist. On the other hand, we are all just trying to get by and my hope is that these creators only recommend things they themselves truly use and believe in — because I’m also a big fan of true product reviews so that I can make the best, most informed decision possible when it comes to making a purchase. That being said, I felt the need to make a plea for why minimalist kitchen essentials are total crap and how you can figure out what you really need.

Decluttering Fear: It Might Be Worth Something Someday

One of the biggest battles people face when it comes to letting go of an item (or purchasing an item) is that deep held belief that it might be worth something someday. Not only do we tend to this thing where we over-value our belongings simply because they are ours, but we also tend to forget to remember what our own definition of valuable is. If you struggle to shake free from that fear that you could be missing out on a potentially huge monetary gain, hopefully this little story about my Spice Girls dolls can shed some light on the subject.

Simple Minimalist Bedroom Decor Inspo.

There is truly something magical about a minimalist aesthetic bedroom. I know, I know, all around it’s a good look in any room of the house, but bedrooms in particular is where we lay our heads at night and should be able to completely let go of our worries of the day. Coming from someone who used to have to leap over piles of stuff and had Teen Beat posters plastered to her wall, I can promise, the less stuff theme works way better for a good night’s sleep or even relaxing at the end of a long day. That’s why I wanted to take a hot minute and share some gorgeous inspo. with you.

I Will Not Be Partaking in Meat Styling This Christmas. Here’s Why.

As Tom and I were making our way through Target for one of many Christmas food shopping trips, I eagerly grabbed a package of pre-cut meats, looked up at Tom with twinkles in my eyes and optimistically said, “I’m going to make roses out of these!” Before he could even shift the expression on his face, I burst out laughing at the absurdity of what I had just said. I guess sometimes we need to hear ourselves say crazy things in order for us to realize just how crazy they sound. In that split second, I made the decision to opt out of meat styling this Christmas. Before I tell you why, you probably want to know why in the world this was something I had my heart set on in the first place? Let’s begin…

Spiritual Minimalism. What the Heck is It and How Can It Totally Change Your Life?

People often find it really weird when I share that my minimalist journey didn’t really start with the desire to get my house in order. It’s true, that when we moved into our big, beautiful 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom dream house, it wasn’t long before I found myself drowning in the overwhelm of trying to keep it up. There was always something that needed to be picked up, updated, cleaned…the entire process seemed never ending. That alone sent me into the occasional random bursts of decluttering madness, for sure. The truth is, we didn’t really have a lot of stuff to begin with.

Dear Minimalists, Some People Need the Stuff. There, I said it.

When I first started my minimalist journey, I was hanging out in a lot of minimalism centered Facebook groups and one of the big conversations that would stir within these groups were frustrations with family members who would buy gifts for them or request gifts. Since we’re inching closer to Christmas time as I write this article, I felt like I needed to put in my two cents on the matter — because that’s what the internet needs, more people loudly stating their opinions. (JK) My hope is that this will give you a slightly shifted perspective on gift giving, stuff, and being patient with how others choose to live and give.