80+ Ways to Declutter Your Life and Home Today

There are so many ways you can declutter that will enhance your life.

The best part is, it doesn’t have to take a long time and there are a ton of small things you can do that make a huge difference!

I compiled a list of over 75 ways that you can begin to declutter your life and home starting today. Right now. I’ll even bet you didn’t consider some of these things to be clutter!

5 Minute Healthy Dinner Hacks – Feed the Whole Family Good Food Fast!

I used to be that mom that made everything from scratch and somehow couldn’t understand why I didn’t have any time left at the end of the day. Two hours in the kitchen making dinner was totally normal. Even though I was a stay at home mom, there were definitely better ways I could have been spending my time. For working parents, the struggle becomes even more real. So how can you get dinner on the table, keep it healthy and make it quick? Check it out…I’ve got 5 minute hacks to make healthy meals for dinner…no struggle necessary.

Decorate Your House for Cheap Using Stuff You Already Have

As a teenager, I used to rearrange my room like every week. Seriously. I was never one to sit still for too long and I loved always finding new creative ways to utilize my space. Now, as an adult (who is much busier I might add), I never switch things up. I’m so set in my ways it’s kind of scary. The thing is, I don’t think I’m alone here. We all have those moments where we feel bored with the same old thing and that often leads to credit card purchases or overspending on things that we don’t really need just so we can say we have/did something new. Instead of digging deeper into financial woes, I have some amazing tips on how to decorate your house for cheap! Plus, you might not even have to go to the store!

A Total Guide to Budget Friendly Minimalist Birthday Parties

I have a friend and she is ahhhmazing at throwing the most extravagant, Pinterest worthy birthday parties ever for her kids. Every time we attend I can’t help but giggle because, well, I’ve dropped the ball in the birthday party department. I used to be the mom searching Pinterest, finding the best ideas and putting together a fun, pin-worthy party for my kids. Now…well, now I’m a little more hose in the back yard kind of mom. My new favorite is a budget friendly minimalist birthday party. How have I managed to make the transition and still keep my kids happy? Lemme break it down…

Does Minimalism Actually Save You Money?

I started this blog I did it in hopes of trying to find a way to share my new minimalist lifestyle. Alongside it, our journey to debt freedom. At the time I didn’t realize these two things actually went hand in hand. For our family minimalism played a huge roll in bettering our finances. Is this the case for everyone? Does minimalism actually save you money? Let’s take a look at what minimalism is, the different types, and whether or not you can actually save money being a minimalist.

The Downsides of Small House Living with a Family

There are so many things that our family has benefitted from after downsizing. However, I’ve decided it’s time to open up and get honest about a few of the downsides of living in a smaller home. If you are considering small house living with a family, these might be a few things you want to consider.