10 Baby Steps to Help You Get Motivated to Declutter When You Are Depressed

They say a clear space helps clear your mind and improves your mood. You have the desire to declutter your space. You want the minimalist living that everyone talks about, but keeping your focus or attention for that long seems daunting. You might struggle even getting out of bed in the morning and as much as you want the results, taking the time to actually declutter seems like an impossible feat. I get it and let me tell you, you deserve the benefits of living a clear space that lights you up and brings you peace. That’s why I put together this step by step plan for decluttering when you’re depressed.

From Independent Woman to Homeschool Mom. Why I Gracefully Made the Transition.

Never ever in my life did I think I would be a mom. Then, never ever did I think I would be a homeschooling mom. In fact, I counted down the days until my daughter would go to kindergarten. I would have some one on one time with my son and get a little bit of my freedom back. My daughter is a take charge, talkative girl who doesn’t take “no” for an answer. Qualities that I prayed she’d have but admittedly are very exhausting. Imagine my dismay when she repeatedly cried every day before and after school … for 7 months straight. It was clear something was wrong.

The Ultimate Coronavirus Decluttering Guide

Most of us have been in lockdown for weeks, which means there is no better time to have a declutter and throw out some of the things you don’t use anymore. There is a lot of negativity in the media and people are still talking about how bad the Coronavirus is, so having a clear-out will help remove some of the stress and monotony from being at home all the time.

If you are a bit of a hoarder and always find yourself hanging onto things that don’t bring value, then read about why we can’t let go of stuff.

It’s important to look after your mental health and organising your living space will bring you a much needed, a freer feeling of space and calm. You might be home-schooling the children and working from home, so having a break from it all and getting the whole family involved will help.

Here are some steps to help declutter:

The Kindness Experiment: What Happened When I Stopped Talking Smack

Do people even say “talk smack” anymore? Who knows. Just trying to get my point across. Anywho…this is a post I have been wanting to write for a year or more and now, in the midst of riots and hate in my hometown area of Minneapolis, I felt now was more fitting than ever to share my Kindness Experiment and what happened when I started actually being kind with my words. This meant being nicer to myself and others. Both to their face, and behind the back!

How Decluttering Your Space Will Give You More Time in Your Day

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…so often people believe that a minimalist lifestyle is all about the stuff. In reality, it’s about what the stuff is taking away from us every day. Having a house filled with clutter will repeatedly take away time, money, and a more simple way of living. So let’s break down some quick wins for decluttering that will allow you more time in your schedule.

Faith Over Fear: How to Let Go of Control in Stressful Times

Hey guys! If I don’t already know you, my name is Heather and I have been married for almost 15 years and my husband and I have two sweet, handsome boys, ages 9 and 13. I have been a SAHM for the last 5 years and have recently enjoyed following my writing passion by launching my lifestyle blog, Within These Four Walls. Shout out to my friend Renee for her awesome blogging course and all her support! I appreciate her having me here for this guest post. Thanks, Renee!