Financially Prepare for a Recession. 10 Moves You Can Make Today

Things have been going pretty great in our economy for a while and now there is talk of a new recession. In fact, some people believe sessions can even be predicted. When that happens talk quickly happens about how to prepare for a recession.

Whether or not there is any way to accurately predict when a recession will hit, there is no doubt that one will eventually be upon us. It’s been almost 10 years since our last recession and if we could survive that, we can survive the next one. But how?

Here are 10 moves you can make today to help you financially prepare for a recession no matter when it might hit.

Do I Need an Emergency Fund? 8 Reasons to Start One Today!

Life is full of unpredictable situations. Unfortunately, many of life’s unforeseen events cost money. From emergency health issues to unanticipated travel obligations, you never know what will come your way.

This is why it’s so important to set up an emergency fund. Being prepared with an extra set of funds will save you from a whole array of financial problems in the future. Here are 8 good reasons why you should set up an emergency fund:

Manage Money Better. 8 Financial Help Services You’re Not Paying for But Should Be

Often times people believe the best way to have more money is to be as frugal as possible. In a lot of ways this is true, but unfortunately, being too stingy with your money can end up hurting you financially. Most of the time, not planning wisely can hurt you in the areas of your life that mean the most to you. Areas like family, health, and your home. There are 8 major financial help services I want to cover that most people aren’t paying for. By avoiding these up-front costs people are at risk for losing everything that is most valuable to them. Let’s dive into these 8 areas and get ideas on how you can afford these services and why you can’t afford not to utilize them.

How to Win With Money When You Suck at Math!

Man, for so long I had a love/hate relationship with money. Of course, like most people, I wanted more money but I also hated that I never seemed to have enough.

We were living paycheck to paycheck and it felt like we would never be able to live the life we wanted.

What I didn’t realize is that the life I wanted was right at my fingertips and I actually had all the money I needed to make that life happen. However, the way I managed my money wasn’t serving me.

So many people, like myself, get caught in this cycle and believe they are bad with money.

If you are fed up with feeling broke and stressed about money, then listen up. I am going to break down how you can make your money work for you starting today.

How Do I Plan for Retirement As a Stay at Home Parent?

I have been a stay at home mom for over 10 years now. Ten. years. It’s crazy. When I started being a stay at home mom people gave me all kinds of advice. One of the biggest things I heard was that “money would be tight, but it would be worth it…” Fair enough. Money was going to be tight, so you know what I did? I assumed that living paycheck to paycheck was a normal thing. Because we only had one income, money was meant to be tight, right? Instead, what I should have done was buckle down, create a stable budget that allowed us financial freedom and encouraged us to save for the future. The hard truth is, you need to plan for retirement as a stay at home parent. This post is designed to walk you through how to get started.

The $5 Per Day Difference. How Small Changes Save You Big Money

I remember years ago our church challenged us to try and create an extra $5 per day. They gave examples of giving up our daily coffee shop stop. Because I didn’t get daily coffee, I instantly assumed that I wasn’t wasting any money and there was no feasible plan for me to find an additional $5 per day in my budget. We were living paycheck to paycheck. Money was just too tight. There was no way we could swing it. Maybe it would work for other people, but certainly not us. If you feel the same way, I’m about to drop some truth bombs about where your $5 per day might be hiding and show you just how huge of an impact saving $5 per day can have on your entire life!