20 Things You’re Saying That Are Keeping You Broke and How to Change Your Money Mindset

The Law of Attraction might sound like a lot of new-aged weirdness. And I totally get it. But do you realize there is a science behind the things we say and think? Our brain is programmed to listen to what we tell it. The sad thing is, that in one of the major areas most people want to see improvement (their finances), they are programming their brain to keep them broke instead. So how can you change your brain, improve your money mindset and finally build wealth in a whole new way? By ditching and re-programming these 20 beliefs around money…

40 Ways to Reduce Your Monthly Bills and Save More Money All Year

Lately, I cannot seem to stop telling people how to save money — and fast! Recently, I added up the numbers and by using some of the following methods, our family was able to free up an additional $40,000 per year. Just by working to reduce our monthly bills, we were able to save more money all year long. I mean…big time! Now, hopefully you’re not wasting as much money as we had been, but hopefully, that’s enough proof to assure you that the following money-saving tips really work.

4 Best Tips for Negotiating Used Car Price as a Woman

I recently had the opportunity to go along with our oldest daughter when she purchased her very first car. By very first car I mean one that she didn’t buy from mom and dad. Now, I may be a lot more financially savvy than I used to be, but I have never purchased a car, let alone negotiated the price of one ever in my life. There is a certain level of people-pleasing that I’m accustomed to and while I’m working on lowering those levels, I wasn’t sure I was totally prepared for negotiating car prices. Spoiler alert: mama cut 10% off the cost of the car and didn’t falter once. Now, ladies, it’s time to unite. Let me break down how you can be a negotiating boss — no man necessary.

20 Ways Your Favorite Stores Are Tricking You Into Spending More

So recently I started learning sales tactics to use in my own business and you know what? I hated them all. There are a ton of sneaky sales tactics that are being used on people every single day. These tactics are part of the reason we were in debt for so long. Thankfully, I feel like I’ve become sort of immune to these little sales game. I’ve written this post all about how your favorite stores are tricking you into spending more so that you can start to see it too and hopefully outsmart the system the next time you shop.

5 Steps to Drafting a Financial Game Plan to Get Out of Debt

Do you love the idea of freeing up extra money in your life, getting out of debt and finally being able to … well … be free? Free of financial burdens and stress? Free of owing other people your money every month? I get it and I have been there, friend. What really stinks is wanting so badly to make financial changes but having no idea how to actually make it happen. That’s why I created this quick, easy to follow 5 step game plan for helping you get out of debt! I wish I had this when we started our debt payoff journey and I hope it helps you on yours!

Best Budgeting Practices for Your Particular Paycheck — Break the Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle

One major stress of budgeting is that no one person gets paid the same way. How are you supposed to make your money last when you get paid once a month? What about surviving bi-weekly when you have a mortgage payment that sucks up an entire paycheck? Then there are those crazy inconsistent incomes. How does that work? The real curveball is when you and your partner get paid totally differently. How in the world are you supposed to do this budgeting thing successfully? In this post, we’ve hunted down the best tips to budget successfully no matter what your paycheck looks like.