How I Created a Money Making Blog While Homeschooling

One thing I have always struggled with in my life is talking about myself. I will happily talk about shallow things like funny stories or how I ate too much candy after Halloween (yes, I am speaking from current experience). What I tend to shy away from is talking about my inner most feelings, my accomplishments or any part of my life that may be different from what most people do or live. Which is why even some of my closest friends don’t know that I have a money making blog, that I homeschool, or both! Well, today I felt compelled to reach out to other mamas out there who live with that fear that it’s not possible. This is for those mamas who want to know how it’s done…like really how it’s done. Here’s it is…

How to Make Money with a Minimalist Blog

When I first started my blog, it was actually a health and fitness blog. I quickly realized that those two topics often lead to people messaging you ’round the clock about how to lose weight and burn fat. That was the exact opposite of what I was going for. I wanted a place to encourage others to live a life that fit their needs and boosted their health naturally. I kind of gave up on the fitness side and just started writing about our lives. Downsizing and debt payoff and you know what? The blog took off! I started blogging in hopes of making money from home, but I had no idea how I would do that when I was encouraging people to buy less, live simpler and spend less time in front of screens!? So how did I start making money with a minimalist blog while still staying true to the minimalist in me? Keep reading and I’ll tell ya all about it.

10 Steps to Turn a Blog Into a Business

I about died when I heard one of my favorite entrepreneurs, Jenna Kutcher talk about Why You Need a Blog on her podcast. Why was it so surprising? Because I have been thinking this a lot lately. When people ask me how I make money blogging or I talk to people who are side hustling so hard, I can’t help but think how everyone could benefit from a blog. Like, everyone. Haha. Maybe that’s a little bit dramatic, but I’m being totally serious. Whether you have a small business already, are side hustling with MLMs or you want to start a business or write a book…seriously look into the world of blogging! I broke it down today into 10 steps that can help turn your blog into a business beacuse I honestly believe you could be leaving money on the table.

What Happened When I Stopped Blogging for a Month

I didn’t plan on it, but over the last 30 days, my whole life and routine have gone completely haywire. My life has changed dramatically and in the midst of it all, I stopped blogging for a month. Don’t get me wrong, I did my best to keep up here and there. I would spend some time on Pinterest or throw up an Instagram post, but for the most part, I just totally stopped blogging. I want to tell you what brought about this month long vacation and be totally candid about the bad things that happened and the good things that happened when I stopped blogging for a month.

The Passive Income Stream That Made Me $500 in One Week Without Working

Right now I am more fired up than ever to share with everyone how it is totally possible to have a passive income stream that can make you money even when you don’t work. I just spent a week helping a family member during their last days of life. There was no place on earth I would have rather been. At the drop of a hat I was able to book a ticket, stay a week and when I got home I realized I actually continued to make money the whole time I was there. THIS is what I set out to accomplish. Freedom to travel more and freedom financially. So, how is it done?

How I Learned to Be Normal: Making an Impact and Having a Blog Niche.

When I started the blog, one thing everyone tells you is that you need to “niche” down. That means you have to reel in your focus and pick one topic (or a few related topics) to write about. The idea of niching down made me incredibly nervous. I like so many things I didn’t think it would be possible to talk about just one topic. It’s not like our normal little family had one awesome, unique thing that made us stand out. We just live a normal life but we chose to do it smaller and debt free. I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to hear our story. We weren’t doing anything great, big or epic. So why would all the people in the world ever want to hear our borning, normal story? Turns out…because of the people in the world are normal too.