5 Tips for Less Phone Time and More Life This Summer

Ahhh, the battle against the screens. It’s a problem we know all too well these days. You can’t go to a restaurant, baseball game or even social gathering without seeing someone glued to their phone. More than ever, summer should be a time for memory making. You don’t want to miss out on everything that’s happening in front of you because you are nose deep in your phone. That being said, here are 5 tips for less phone time and more life this summer. These helpful ideas are based on the most common areas of struggle that trick us into whipping out our phones in the first place.

10 Tips for Practicing Simplicit​​y During Stressful Times

I told Tom today, “I feel like my body is working but my brain isn’t there with it.” Life has been…a lot lately. But, the funny thing is, I have been handling all of the ups and downs a lot better than I used to which got me to thinking, what tips do I have for others who are in the midst of stressful times? What can you do in times of grief or chaos? There are actually quite a few ways to practice simplicity during stressful times and naturally…they are pretty simple…

Learning to Be Okay with Not Being Okay…When You’re a Mom

I definitely can’t be the only person who has gone through life with a fake smile, pretending like everything was fine when it really wasn’t. This happens far too often. Whether it’s a quick encounter of “how are you today?” at the grocery store or a serious facade when surrounded by friends all day, every day, someone in the world is pretending they are “OK.” Not all the time, but more and more, I am learning to be okay with not being okay.

Type 2 Enneagram. Why I Love Tests That Teach Me About Myself.

A while back I was listening to the Goal Digger Podcast by fellow Minnesotan, Jenna Kutcher. She was talking about her favorite personality test and discussed her personality type and why it was beneficial to learn your type. You can listen here. I was so excited to listen to this particular podcast because I myself love tests like this. In fact, one of my first blog posts talked all about the Strengths Finder 2.0 test. Even though I feel like I know myself, it’s often hard to put my finger on my own defining qualities. Somehow these tests always seem to enlighten me to my personality and make me more aware of why I do the things I do. So let’s talk about my Type 2 Enneagram personality and why this result was a huge shocker to me!

Life Lessons from Death. What I have learned so far.

I know this may sound like a very depressing topic, but honestly, I feel like this is what my blog has always been about. I’m only just realizing it now. If you are following along with me on Instagram, you know my stepdad recently passed away after a 3 year battle with brain cancer. Truthfully, every time I have lost someone in my life I gain a new perspective, and new life lessons from death. There is so much we can learn from death if we just take a moment to reflect. Here’s what I’ve learned so far…and why my blog writings are completely based on these lessons.

Create a Life You Want to Live, Not a Life You Have to Live

I have been taking a “business course” with author and speaker, Rachel Hollis. Our last lesson, she told us to think about how to explain our business to others. I wrote down a very basic, straightforward answer in my notebook. Then this morning I woke up and realized, my actual goal is a little bit bigger than “helping people simplify their lives and improve their finances.” My major goal for this blog, for my life, and for you is to help you create a life you want to live, not a life you have to live. I lived a life I had to for a while. I’ve had family members who lived a life they had to live. Then you know what happened to some of them? They stopped living. Literally. I don’t want that to be me. Or you. So, what can you do to get out of the rat race and start working on living a life you want?