60 Cleaning and Beauty Hacks That Cost 99 Cents

It’s no secret, that I am a big fan of saving money any way I can…without compromising quality. That beind said, there are so many products on the market today that it’s hard to know what to trust. Plus, truth be told, there are still some things that just work better with Grandma’s old school remedies, am I right? So what are the absolute best (and cheapest) cleaning and beauty hacks that have stood the test of time? I’ve got a list of over 60 cleaning and beauty hacks for 99 cents! Yeah…most of these things you can get at your local store (or even in your pantry) for right around one dollar.

How to Save for the Future and Still Live the YOLO Life

I think the biggest hangup for a lot of people when it comes to living on a budget or working toward paying off debt is that they really want to keep enjoying their lives. You only live once after all. I totally understand this stress. You don’t want to live a crazy frugal life, put all your money toward debt and then die without really seeing or doing the fun things you wanted to. So how do you live debt free, save for the future and still enjoy the one life you get to live? AKA the YOLO life.

16 Ways to Reduce Your Monthly Bills Without Trying

Sure there are major changes you can make in your life in order to reduce your expenses and start saving money. However, just the idea of making these big changes can be overwhelming to people. The truth is, being frugal often takes time and practice in order to get results. So what are some things you can do to reduce costs without barely thinking about them? I have compiled a list of 14 ways to reduce your monthly bills without trying so if you are hoping to rake in some extra cash without having to make major lifestyle changes, then these are some ideas you’re going to want to check out.

How to Get Additional Financial Assistance on Top of Your Pet Insurance

I bought my first dog for $75 on the side of the road and I realized just how much a pet can get a hold on your life. She was instantly my baby in keeping with early 2000’s trends, I carried her around in my purse. My little Daisy has been in my life for 13 years now and naturally we have made plenty of vet visits. Whenever she wound up getting injured or sick I hated having to ask about the cost of procedures before deciding whether or not to move forward with her treatment. Having to pay out of pocket for vet procedures had always been a stress on me. Now I know better and I understand the importance of pet insurance. What I wish I would have known was that I’m also able to get additional financial assistance on top of pet insurance. Let me tell you how.

Savings Accounts That Pay You Like Crazy

There are so many different types of savings accounts available today that is can be hard to keep track. Unfortunately, many people are actually choosing the wrong ones. If you are ready to stop wasting your time and money on your tiny savings account, you are going to want to see these savings accounts that pay you like crazy!

Save Money. $10,000 per Year Making 7 Simple Changes

Right now in America people are dying with an average of $62,000 worth of debt. Literally dying. Just learning that makes it hard for me to breathe. I think we can all agree, life feels more constrained when we are tied to our debts. We work so hard for money only to have none left by the end of the month. So, where is it all going? A good way to find out and take charge of your finances is to get organized. Many people spend all day trying to earn more money. What they might not realize is that starting to save money might not be as hard as they think. While each lifestyle and each person spends money on different things, there are a few highly common places money is spent wasted each year. I’m going to walk you through how to save money. There are 7 simple changes you can make to save over $10,000 per year.