Create a Simple Budget with a Piece of Paper and a Smartphone

While I am a huge fan of budgeting apps like the EveryDollar budget, I’m also a person who comprehends things so much better when I write them down. In fact, my first simple budget was nothing more than a piece of paper and a smartphone. Often times I still need to use this message just to help my brain really pay attention to where my money is going every month. It’s why I created an easy to use Budget Bundle. I needed something that was specific to my budgeting needs that was easy to follow and I knew others probably felt the same. Check out the budget bundle. So, if you don’t like worksheets, how do you start a budget with a piece of paper and a smartphone? I promise it’s a lot easier than you think.

How to Make Money Last When You Get Paid Once a Month

As a family, we have always lived off only Tom’s income. This always allowed us additional spending money — and debt payoff money from my income. I am so thankful that we have stuck to this method over the years and I believe we saved ourselves a lot of additional financial hardship by doing it this way. However, one of the toughest struggles we faced was to make our money last the entire month. You see, Tom gets paid one time at the very beginning of the month. We weren’t always great at budgeting this money and often found ourselves with nothing left 2 weeks into the month. Yeah…2 weeks. Now we have perfected our system and have great tips on how to make your money last when you get paid once a month.

35 Budget Friendly Beauty Hacks to Live By While You Pay Off Debt

Trust me, I know that paying off debt can suck the life out of you. Even though sticking to a strict budget can feel super limiting sometimes, I have got 35 frugal beauty and fashion hacks to live by while you pay off debt. Most of these have become a part of my daily routine and are things I swear by. While I may not be an Instagram worthy beauty blogger, I have kind of nailed the whole beauty on a budget thing. So if you are smack dab in the middle of debt payoff but don’t totally want to give up your fashion, style or beauty, then you’re going to want to check these out.

How to Discuss and Execute a Budget with Your Spouse

I recently had a friend ask me to come over and help her get a budget figured out. We got out paper and a pen, I had my best advice right at the tip of my tongue and then she started telling me her problems. What I didn’t expect was that all of her problems had more to do with not managing money well with her husband instead of money itself is the problem. I felt helpless. It’s nearly impossible to give financial advice when a couple is not working together as a team. You can read every budgeting book under the sun, but you won’t fully succeed with a budget until you have open communication with your spouse or partner. That’s why instead of dishing out money tips, I want to talk about how to discuss and execute a budget with your spouse or partner. 

Vow Renewal and Vacation Under $1K and We Paid in Cash

Ten years ago I got married and tried to have an inexpensive wedding. Somehow we spent well over $10,000 on everything. Thank goodness that was in the years before Pinterest, or I can’t even imagine how much my DIY budget would have spiraled out of control. Entering life together we weren’t working to save money, we were deep in debt. As our ten year anniversary snuck up on us, I kept having this strong feeling that told me I needed to do a vow renewal. My dad had passed away years before we got married and his ashes were scattered near a lighthouse up north. Every time I imagined renewing my vows there I would start crying. Because we are still aggressively working to save money and pay off our debt, I wanted to make sure our vow renewal was on a budget. We managed to keep it all under $1k and we paid in cash. So, naturally, I want to share with you exactly how we did it.

Start a Home Gym for Less than the Cost of a 1 Month Gym Membership

It’s that time of year, where the strive for summer bodies are in full swing. It’s like New Years Day all over again. If you are one of the 67% of people who never use their gym membership, maybe it’s time to consider cutting ties. Considering that the average gym membership costs $69 per month, you could be looking at a $828 dollars per year savings. For women, especially, the gym can often feel like an intimidating place with too many options. Why not consider downsizing to your own personal home gym? The cost of starting up is no less cost effective than an unused membership! So, don’t let the cost or atmosphere of the gym keep you from your own self care. I will show you how simple it is to start a home gym for less than the cost of a 1 month gym membership.