5 Easy Start Passive Income Streams to Make Money in 2023

Once upon a time I believed that the only way to make money was by showing up to a job and trading my hours for money. Then, by some amazing miracle, I was introduced to the world of passive income. Passive income is a way of earning money where you do the work once, and continue to get paid for it over and over again. This can free up more time in your day and flexibility in your schedule as well as putting money in the bank. Despite my best efforts, and the fact that I’ve been obsessively talking about passive income for the last 5 years, many people still seem to be unaware of the amazing benefits it offers. That’s why I have put together a freshly updated list of passive income ideas for 2023!

10 Income Streams I Created from Home as a Stay at Home Mom

When I first decided to become a stay at home mom I was nervous and skeptical to say the least. Being raised as mostly an only child (although I have oodles of siblings) meant I grew up really valuing my alone time and my independence. I was someone who always liked working even if I didn’t always like all my jobs. If I wasn’t working I was creating things online, drawing, making movies with my friends or taking photos. It seemed I was always on the go and always trying something new. Then stay at home mom status hit and all of a sudden I was stuck in one spot most of the day … home. I knew if I was going to keep my sanity I would need to find a way to keep my independence while still tending to my kiddos. In the 10+ years I was a stay at home mom I was able to create over 10 additional income streams for my family, most of them within the last few years. Hopefully these give you some ideas and inspiration on what you can do for yourself!

Total Guide for New Mompreneurs. How to start your business from home!

In the 20th century and before, most women didn’t even have a choice between a career and family. Their only job was to take care of the kids and household. In the last 50 years, women could choose between the two. However, nowadays, you don’t have to make such a hard decision. You can be a mompreneur!

What does that mean? Mompreneurs are moms who take care of the kids while running their own businesses! Since remote work and work from home are getting increasingly popular, you’ll have no issue balancing between the two most important aspects of your life. So, how can you start your dream business?

5 Things You Need to do to Make Money From Anywhere as a Writer

As someone who has always had an entrepreneur spirit, I am will no doubt always encourage people to learn how to make income on their terms. Especially writers. You see, books have a soft spot in my heart, and for the longest time I had this voice in my head telling me, “You are a writer.” Then, when I started this little blog in my own corner of the internet I had a lightbulb go off… “I’m a writer!” So if you have had that voice in your head telling you you are a writer, here are 8 ideas for how you can get started writing from home (or anywhere in the world).

How a Pre-Sale Can Make You Money Before You Create a Digital Product

Now a lot of people might think it’s a shady-lady move to start selling a product before you even make it. But, let me try to convince you why it’s actually one of the most genius moves to make for you and for your buyers! Here’s the breakdown on how a pre-sale can make you money before you create a product and why it is a genius idea that more digital nomads and online business owners need to be a part of.

Trying Van Life with Kids for a Weekend in Our Minivan

I turned 34 and the day before my birthday we got a minivan. Which, to be honest, was basically my nightmare for the first 33 years of my life. But, in 2019, just after we paid off all our debt, we hit the road and took a 2-week road trip with our kids in a minivan rental, and…it was awesome! So, as our trusty Kia Sorento finally passed the 200,000 mile mark, we decided it was time for an upgrade. Then we hit the road for a weekend on Minnesota’s North Shore to experience van life with kids for a weekend. Here’s how it went.