What Happened When I Stopped Blogging for a Month

I didn’t plan on it, but over the last 30 days, my whole life and routine have gone completely haywire. My life has changed dramatically and in the midst of it all, I stopped blogging for a month. Don’t get me wrong, I did my best to keep up here and there. I would spend some time on Pinterest or throw up an Instagram post, but for the most part, I just totally stopped blogging. I want to tell you what brought about this month long vacation and be totally candid about the bad things that happened and the good things that happened when I stopped blogging for a month.

The Passive Income Stream That Made Me $500 in One Week Without Working

Right now I am more fired up than ever to share with everyone how it is totally possible to have a passive income stream that can make you money even when you don’t work. I just spent a week helping a family member during their last days of life. There was no place on earth I would have rather been. At the drop of a hat I was able to book a ticket, stay a week and when I got home I realized I actually continued to make money the whole time I was there. THIS is what I set out to accomplish. Freedom to travel more and freedom financially. So, how is it done?

How I Learned to Be Normal: Making an Impact and Having a Blog Niche.

When I started the blog, one thing everyone tells you is that you need to “niche” down. That means you have to reel in your focus and pick one topic (or a few related topics) to write about. The idea of niching down made me incredibly nervous. I like so many things I didn’t think it would be possible to talk about just one topic. It’s not like our normal little family had one awesome, unique thing that made us stand out. We just live a normal life but we chose to do it smaller and debt free. I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to hear our story. We weren’t doing anything great, big or epic. So why would all the people in the world ever want to hear our borning, normal story? Turns out…because of the people in the world are normal too.

How I Grew My Pinterest Monthly Viewers to 1.8 million. My One Day Strategy.

If you have been running a blog or a website for a while you know by now that Pinterest can be the absolute best thing for your traffic. While Pinterest has always been the best source of traffic for me while running the blog, I am kicking myself for not catching on to the best time saving strategy to help grow my page views. This month I tried something totally different …and I did it all in one day. One day’s worth of work has paid off all month long. My blog traffic is up and my Pinterest views have skyrocketed. Listen up folks because I am about to share with you the exact way I improved all these numbers in only one day!

Blog Talk: Trying to be myself is hard. Especially on Instagram.

If anyone has ever attempted to be successful at an online presence you probably understand exactly what I mean by this title. There are so many rules to follow. So many guidelines to success that all the helpful tips and information can leave your head in a giant, jumbled mess.

“Find a niche. Talk about only one thing.”

“Just be yourself. People will love you.”

“Don’t just talk about yourself!”

What. do. you. want. from. me?

13 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Blog and Why You’re Not Making Money

There are so many blogging posts on what to do, how to succeed, how to improve your traffic and grow your following. You can find every single tutorial out there about the strategies you need to start seeing success and make money blogging but the truth is, there are so many things you need to accomplish before you dive into those strategies. You may have to work out some kinks and find your own way, but to get you started I have 13 secret things you are doing wrong. Seriously. And chances are, no one is telling you. These are the real reasons why you’re not making money blogging.