If you love the idea of making saving money fun -- while also reducing how much money you spend on stuff you don't need this is a MUST READ!

5 Hacks to Stop Impulse Shopping and Save More Money

As a recovering shopping addict, giving up my shopping habits was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I’d be lying if I said there weren’t times I sat at the mall nearly rocking back and forth just trying to stop myself from impulse spending. Every fiber of my being told me to get up and start filling my arms with new clothes to try on! Shopping had become a crutch, a coping mechanism, and quite literally an addiction. Unlike most people, I decided to kick my shopping addiction by going cold turkey. However, I have come to realize that completely stopping your impulse shopping habits is nearly impossible for most. That’s why, if you are someone hoping to slow your impulse spending, save money and kick your shopping addiction, I have put together my 5 best tips to help you get started.

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Is there help for shopping addiction?

The crazy thing about having a shopping addiction is that it is widely accepted in our culture. Other addictions like sex or drugs are frowned upon or given a negative stigma while being a shopaholic is seen a fun, lighthearted thing. However, for anyone who has struggled with impulse shopping and the credit card debt that can come from it, knows it’s anything but fun.

The following tips I want to share with you are from my digital course, Shopping Rehab and have been proven methods to help people get their shopping addictions under control and start doing amazing things with their lives.

After healing my shopping addiction, I decided to create Shopping Rehab as a resource for anyone else who was struggling with overspending or impulse buying. I know how daunting it can feel to want to overcome a shopping addiction without feeling like you have to give up everything you love. That’s why Shopping Rehab is designed to up-level your mindset, and shift your shopping habits while giving you practical tools to keep spending, without adding financial stress to your life. Use code FUNSIZED to save 10% on Shopping Rehab

If you love the idea of making saving money fun -- while also reducing how much money you spend on stuff you don't need this is a MUST READ!

Shopping Hack No 1. Re-write past spending

One of the first things we talk about in Shpoping Rehab is how to review your spending so that you have some clue as to where your money is going every month. The harsh reality is that most of us spend money whenever it hits our bank account and never take the time to realize just how much money we are spending on impulse buys every single month! If you have ever filled your cart with items that cost $3 – $5 only to get to the check out and realize you’ve spent $300, then you totally know what I’m talking about.

When you are struggling financially and seem to be scraping to get by the last thing you want to do is go head to head with your terrible spending decisions and broke ass bank account. I get it. I truly do. I can literally close my eyes and flash back to a time when I dreaded opening our bank accounts and adding up the totals.

However, understanding exactly where your money is going is absolutely crucial if you want to be able to make smart financial changes.

Here’s the plan:

  • Go through the last 3 months of spending and add up anything that was totally frivolous and unnecessary.
  • Categorize everything (ex. Clothing, home decor, fast food, coffee)
  • Make a slightly smaller spending goal for each
  • Build yourself a F*ck It Fund for fun, impulse spending

Set new spending goals

  1. Slightly smaller spending goal

If you see that you are spending an average of $300 per month on random impulse purchases at Target, set a new goal for spending $270.

2. Separate your spending

Create a F*ck it Fund for yourself and transfer $270 into it. Now you have given yourself full permission to spend that money, but on your terms.

3. Plan for the difference

Since you’ve set a smarter spending goal of $270, you now get to decide what to do with the leftover $30 that you have. You could put this toward paying off credit card debt, use it to pay bills, or stash it into a high yield savings account so you can start earning interest.

Following this method helps you stick to the current budget and spending habits that you have without making anything too drastic or overwhelming. It helps you reduce spending on less-than-necessary items while also helping you beef up your bank account for bigger and better things! Click here to learn more about how to create a F*ck it Fund for impulse spending.

Shopping Hack No 2. Play $20 Cart Hack

If you are a big fan of saving money and getting deals, your urge to save just might be causing you to over-spend on impulse buys. Instead of relying on clearance racks and discount sales to make you think you’re saving money, try hacking $20 out of your cart every time you shop.

This $20 Cart Hack is a game I made up after I read a social media post that said:

If you can make $28 extra per day, that’s an additional $10,000 per year. Most people accidentally spend that much every day.” — something like that.

Here is a similar post:

After reading that social media post, I thought to myself, “Instead of making an additional $28 per day, why not just focus on saving $28 per day?” I’m a big fan of working less whenever possible, that’s why I decided to start eliminating $20 from my shopping cart whenever possible.

This is a money saving hack I use whether I am grocery shopping, online shopping, or clothing shopping. Taking the time to eliminate $20 from your cart is a rather simple thing to do, it helps you be more intentional with your spending and it ultimately helps you save more money when shopping.

How to apply the $20 Cart Hack:

  • Fill up your shopping cart like normal
  • Before you check out, stop and intentionally remove $20 worth of items from that cart
  • Transfer yourself $20 (or however much you hack) to savings or your F*ck it Fund

This is seriously such an easy method and helps you be a little bit more intentional about your spending when you have to pause and look at your cart before you proceed to checking out.

If you love the idea of making saving money fun -- while also reducing how much money you spend on stuff you don't need this is a MUST READ!

Shopping Hack No 3. Take a picture. It lasts longer.

One of the methods that I share in Shopping Rehab that has helped people save thousands of dollars on potential impulse purchases is simply the method of taking a picture of an item you want instead of impulse buying it.

This was a method I personally adapted after I saw a mom on social media use this trick with her toddler! Whenever her daughter was screaming or throwing a tantrum over wanting something in the toy aisle, the mom would take a picture of the child with the item. This seemed to be satisfying enough for the toddler and the mom was able to put the toy back.

Naturally, I figured if this money-saving hack worked on a toddler maybe it would also work on me! I first gave this method a try when we took a trip to Nashville and found ourselves in one of this kitschy souvenir shops.

Send pictures instead of buying gifts

When I was shopping the souvenirs, if I saw something that I thought a friend might like, instead of buying it, I simply took a picture and sent it to the friend via text message. This instantly gave me a sense of satisfaction, because I was able to share the item with the person without making the purchase. Not to mention the gut wrenching realization that the only response to the item I sent was a laughing emoji. I almost spent $20 on something that would have made someone chuckle one time. Not worth it.

Create a buy later photo folder

Another great option for avoiding impulse buys on things you want is to take a picture or a screen shot and then add the image to a designated “Buy Later” album on your phone.

This is a method that I use frequently with books that I want to impulse buy. Now you have a list of items you can review the next time you want to make a purchase or when someone needs gift ideas for you! You could also build up a spending fund or a savings account by rewarding yourself each time you successfully don’t purchase an item! Use code FUNSIZED to save 10% on Shopping Rehab

Shopping Hack No. 4 Make Hell YES only

Have you ever gone into a fitting room to try on 20 different things, you put on an item that you were particularly psyched about only to find that it looks kind of…weird? In an attempt to make the item look better, you tuck in your shirt, adjust your pose, suck in your gut. It’s like you desperately want to talk yourself into buying the item.

One of the absolute first lessons that we teach in Shopping Rehab is to adapt a high-maintenance mindset when it comes to spending. Just like you shouldn’t be dating any duds that don’t measure up, you shouldn’t be impulse buying any items that don’t immediately make you feel like a million bucks. Use code FUNSIZED to save 10% on Shopping Rehab

Repeat after me, “If it isn’t a HELL YES, it’s a HELL NO!

The next time you go into a fitting room, I want you to detach your mind from the need to spend money, and start trying on things with a high maintenance attitude. Only the best things come home with you. If your jaw doesn’t immediately hit the floor when you try something on, or if your heart doesn’t feel all warm a fuzzy, put the item back!

Remember, this money saving method can just as easily apply to online shopping purchases. Whenever you purchase something online, do so with the mindset that the items you bought might be getting returned. Set aside time in your week to return whatever didn’t work for you, and then treat yourself to a latte or a transfer to your F*ck It Fund for future use!

If you love the idea of making saving money fun -- while also reducing how much money you spend on stuff you don't need this is a MUST READ!

Shopping Hack No. 5 Find your dream

Something most people don’t know is that the common link between all people with a shopping addiction is a large gap between who they see themselves to be and who they want themselves to be. Basically, it could be summed up to happiness and self love.

This is why one of the core teachings of Shopping Rehab centers around encouraging students to find a dream bigger than stuff can buy. In other words, what bigger goal or vision do you have for your life that you might be avoiding or procrastinating on with impulse spending?

Connecting to a higher purpose, grander plan or bigger dream can almost instantly reduce the desire to spend money on stuff that isn’t going to help you reach that goal. However, oftentimes people have a difficult time attaching themselves to their higher goal or desire for their life. If this is the case for you, use code FUNSIZED to save 10% on Shopping Rehab and we will walk you through the process of figuring it out!

Get help with shopping addiction

One of my biggest realizations in life is that the best way to stop spending money on the little things, is to focus on the bigger picture.

  • Find out what your dream is
  • Set a financial savings goal for the future and for fun stuff you want to do
  • Before you buy anything ask yourself if it gets you closer or further away from your big dream

I know, I know this one isn’t exactly a “hack,” but it is definitely the one that gives you the potential to live a full, amazing and fulfilled life! So, maybe it’s worth a try?!

Need additional help kicking that shopping addiction? Remember, you can save 10% on Shopping Rehab with code FUNSIZED

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If you love the idea of making saving money fun -- while also reducing how much money you spend on stuff you don't need this is a MUST READ!

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