Wanting to start your own business as a new mom or a stay at home mom? Here's the total guide to getting started!

Total Guide for New Mompreneurs. How to start your business from home!

In the 20th century and before, most women didn’t even have a choice between a career and family. Their only job was to take care of the kids and household. In the last 50 years, women could choose between the two. However, nowadays, you don’t have to make such a hard decision. You can be a mompreneur!

What does that mean? Mompreneurs are moms who take care of the kids while running their own businesses! Since remote work and work from home are getting increasingly popular, you’ll have no issue balancing between the two most important aspects of your life. So, how can you start your dream business?

Have a well-developed idea

The first step to starting any kind of business is creating a comprehensive plan. If you’ve always wanted to start your own business right where you are, this is an ideal opportunity to make your dreams come true. So, what steps do you need to take to start your dream business?

Depending on your interests and skills, start developing your idea. You can create an online shop, write a blog, be a virtual assistant, hold online classes or anything else that comes to your mind. Before you step into the business stage, you need to check out where you stand. Do a SWOT analysis and work on improving your business strategy so it minimizes threats and weaknesses.

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Understand how finances work

After you’ve developed your idea, you need to take your finances into consideration. How much money do you currently have that you’re willing to invest in a business? Start your dream business depending on your current finances. You can get a loan, but learning how to manage your own money is a useful skill you’ll need later on too.

On top of that, money management isn’t enough. You need to understand how taxes in your area work and create your business according to that. You might need to ask a financial expert or advisor for the best way to run your business without financial difficulties.

Target your audience

Since business includes selling some type of products or offering services on the market, you need to have an adequate target audience you’ll offer them to. To define your target audience ask yourself questions like Who will need my products or Who will be interested in these kinds of services, and where can I reach them?

As social media play a huge role in business marketing, you can start advertising your business there. Later on, when you increase your capital, Google ads or other platforms may be a suitable option for you. Just pay attention to where you can find your customers and focus your marketing strategy on that.

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Scheduling and planning is everything

Even though working from home may seem like a dream come true, it has its ups and downs. Basically, you probably won’t have a single second of privacy. However, you can avoid that by creating a detailed plan and schedule of your activities. How can you do that?

Firstly, organize a separate place you’ll only use for your business, something like a home office. Secondly, create a daily schedule while running an online business. That way you can plan every detail out. Each evening, cook a meal for the next day and make sure you take a five-minute break every hour or so to check on the kids. In case they are too young to be on their own, try to provide them with entertaining content while you’re working.

Communication is crucial

No matter what your business is about, you’ll certainly have to communicate with others, whether they are your associates, coworkers or customers. Most people nowadays communicate on Facebook or similar apps ran by the same company. This minimizes safety and increases the chances of getting your ideas and files stolen. 

On top of that, if you communicate with your coworkers or associates on Facebook or Instagram, there’s a high chance you’ll get distracted by content online and leave your work unfinished. So, check out competitors of Workplace by Facebook for your business that will ensure smoother communication and safer transactions.

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Don’t neglect family time

One of the most important aspects of running a business from home is family. They are your best support system, so you mustn’t neglect their needs either. Even though your schedule for the week is packed, you need to free up your schedule and make some time for your family.

Organize a fun weekend trip or attend your child’s school play whenever you get a possibility. Being a mompreneur is about finding a healthy balance between your business and family. This means organization on a greater level that will help you achieve your maximum at both.


As you can see, balancing your mom life and business is possible. All you need is a good organization and a comprehensive plan that will help you get started. Pay attention to every detail of your business and think twice before you make a decision that will make you step off your course. Remember family comes first business after!

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Wanting to start your own business as a new mom or a stay at home mom? Here's the total guide to getting started!

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