Check out my budget friendly at home manicure review of the Kiss Impress press on nails. Do they work? Do. they last? How much money can you save?

Budget Friendly At-Home​ Manicure: Kiss Impress Press on Nails Review

I have always loved pretty hands. It sounds like such a weird thing, but it’s totally true. Ever since I was a kid, I would look at certain women’s hands and think, “Oh my gosh, they have such pretty hands.” Maybe it’s because my cuticles look like something out of an alien movie. Yeah, I think that’s it.

Anyway, because of my pretty hand loving obsession, I have scoured the globe looking for the best at-home manicure options that are also budget-friendly. I wanted to do a review of the Kiss Impress press-on nails to give you my honest opinion as to whether or not these are great money-saving alternative to traditional salon-done manicures.

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How much money can you save with an at-home manicure?

For a while, I was including the cost of gel nails at the salon into my monthly budget.

1 month of salon gel nails: $80 – $120

After about a week my nails had grown out bad enough to no longer look nice. I would do my best to try getting to the salon every 2 weeks even though my nails would be grown out and chipping.

If I were to get my nails done as often as I would have wanted to, the cost would have been closer to that $120 mark.

I have been doing the Kiss Impress press on nails at home for 1 month now, which is why I felt like it was time to do a review.

1 month of Kiss Impress press on nails: $12 – $24

You can see that there’s already a potential savings of over $100 just by doing your manicure at home with these press on nails.

This price, I have noticed is what you are going to find in local stores. I got mine at Target.

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Check out my budget friendly at home manicure review of the Kiss Impress press on nails. Do they work? Do. they last? How much money can you save?
These are the matte navy blue Kiss Impress nails. Snag them on Amazon.

How Kiss Impress press on nails work

When I first saw the Kiss Impress nails in the stores, I had flashbacks of the peel and stick nails I used to do when I was a kid. They lasted all day … if you didn’t touch anything.

I couldn’t imagine grown women actually wanting to wear peel and stick nails. Plus, they were only $6. I couldn’t imagine the quality being that great at such a low price!

The Kiss Impress nails work literally like a sticker. You choose a size that will fit your nail (each pack comes with 30 nails), peel the back off and stick it onto your finger. Press and hold.

*Bonus reminder. The side where you pull the tab will be the side that faces your cuticle.

Prepping your nails

Each Kiss Impress kit comes with instructions, but I can break it down for you too. Here’s the method that I have found works best:

  • Clear off any remaining nail polish or adhesive with nail polish remover
  • Soak hands in warm water for 2 minutes
  • Use a cuticle remover to clear away over-grown cuticles (like I said, mine are bad)
  • Dry nails
  • Use alcohol pad (comes in kit) or rubbing alcohol to clean each nail individually

This is the method I have been using and I’m still able to have 2 full hands of nails in around 5 – 10 minutes.

You could just go with the alcohol pad in the kit and put the nails on right away. I do this little process to make sure my nails are lasting as long as possible.

Check out my budget friendly at home manicure review of the Kiss Impress press on nails. Do they work? Do. they last? How much money can you save?
Kiss Impress Shimmer. Snag them at Target or something similar on Amazon.

Best application tips

Like I said, I do my best to fully prep my nail and clear away and dead skin or anything before applying the nails.

Number one, because mine tend to already be pretty bad.

Number two, I want to make sure I’m doing everything to help them last the longest.

Here are some additional tips to help you apply your Kiss Impress to make them last longer.

  • Find your correct nail size before applying (too large of a size won’t stay on and too small will show your actual nail).
  • Write down your size numbers (each nail has a number) so it’s quicker to apply them when you do them again
  • Follow the prep steps above
  • Apply as close to the cuticle as possible
  • When pressing for application make sure to firmly press at the base of the nail as well as the center and sides. (The base is where they tend to come loose).
You can see the pull tab in this photo from

How long did Kiss Impress nails last?

Full disclaimer: I am a stay at home, work at home, homeschooling mom. My kids are older now, so they are capable of doing more on their own. HOWEVER, I am still wiping counters, cleaning bathrooms, doing dishes, cooking and washing my hands all day long.

These are the reasons why I hate spending $40 at the salon only to have my nails looking dull and over-grown in a week.

That being said, the Kiss Impress nails have lasted beautifully for a full week! I haven’t tried to keep them longer because I don’t like the over-grown look and my hairs would snag on the bottoms after a week or so.

I originally decided to try these nails because I met a woman who was wearing them. I complimented her nails and she told me they were Kiss Impress press ons and they lasted for about 2 weeks on her!

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Check out my budget friendly at home manicure review of the Kiss Impress press on nails. Do they work? Do. they last? How much money can you save?
You can see here how flat the Kiss Impress nails lie on your actual nail.

Tips for removal

I was surprised at how nicely these nails actually come off! To get mine off, I used my cuticle pusher to go under the nail to loosen it up.

  • Use a cuticle pusher or wooden tool that comes with the kit to remove the nail
  • Work your way along the edges starting at the bottom
  • Gradually work the nail off. Don’t pull.

Like I said, there wasn’t much to removal which was something I was originally concerned about.

The nails have always come off very easily with a lot less nail damage than I imagined.

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How to make the most of your money

Like I said, each kit comes with 30 different sized nails. Unfortunately, I have found that I can usually only get a “perfect fit” once in each kit.

Try to get more and one wear

The first kit I purchased (Shimmer) I was able to get 2 wears out of by sticking to numbers similar to my perfet fit nail numbers. For example:

My nail sizes: 04359

I have these nail numbers written down so I can easily pull out my best fitting sizes.

When trying to do a second application, I will choose numbers that are close to these like 15269

However, you can see in both of these scenarios, I’m trying to use the number 5. Usually, there aren’t enough to make it through 2 wears and I’m left with an ill-fit nail.

Keep leftovers

If you really like a certain color of nail and you want to purchase it again, make sure you keep your leftovers. This will help you get more wears out of this particular color of nail.

Mix and match

When you buy several styles, you could also mix and match them to create a unique look. I did this for my daughter with the Shimmer and Matte Navy Blue. Her nails wound up being pink, navy blue, sparkly pink and shimmery gold because of all the combination options available.

The downsides

Comes lose after a week

Like I said, if you don’t apply enough pressure close to the cuticle when first applying, I have experienced that part of the nail getting a little loose after a week.

It’s not bad by any means, but it does snag my hair when I run my fingers through it which drives me crazy.

A little nail damage

When it comes to removing the Kiss Impress nails, it does scrape my actual nail a little. My nails were previously a little damaged from other nail products I had tried, but you can see the scratches in the photo below.

Lack of colors

I was a little bummed not to find my “perfect colors” at Target. I’m a very simple person. (AKA boring). I love bare colors and white and even after searching Amazon and Target online I haven’t found white. Hoping that the colors will keep on coming!

Can usually only wear once

It’s also a bit of a bummer that you can only get one perfect fit out of a kit (at least in my experience).

Check out my budget friendly at home manicure review of the Kiss Impress press on nails. Do they work? Do. they last? How much money can you save?
My nails after the first removal.

The upsides

Major savings!

$6!! HUGE upside for me! After using these nails I still can’t believe they are only $6 in stores. They are such an affordable option when compared to the cost of an in-salon manicure.

Time saver

Quick and easy to apply and remove. I am a big fan of not wasting time which is why I don’t always love carving out 1 – 2 hours in my week to sit in a salon.

I can do the Kiss Impress nails super fast and then get on with my day.

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No glue

I also remember glue-on nails from when I was younger. It was a mess. The glue would stick to my skin and I’d have to RIP it off. Not fun. These nails have super simple (but crazy sturdy) adhesive that doesn’t hurt my skin or stick to me!

Easy to remove

Removal of the nails was much easier than I imagined and although it does do a little damage to my nails, it’s far less than what it done to them at a salon!

Hold up

I’m personally very please with how these nails hold up after a week. I know they would keep lasting past a week, but when the cost is so affordable, I have no problem switching them out after only 7 days or so.

Final verdict

Love, love, love!

Pretty sure I have a new addiction with these Kiss Impress nails! I love having “pretty hands” and my hands are always moving so if I can have nice looking, long-lasting nails that didn’t cost me a ton of money I’m all in!

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Check out my budget friendly at home manicure review of the Kiss Impress press on nails. Do they work? Do. they last? How much money can you save?

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