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Book Your Travel Plans All in One Place

I have loved booking different vacations and we have always used a travel agent because I was too afraid to ever even attempt to make plans on my own. Whenever I brag about our travel agent, I’m surprised to find a lot of people don’t take advantage of them! Booking flights, hotels and excursions can be easier than ever and you can do it on a budget. Instead of scouring the internet trying to get the absolute best deals around you can book your travel plans all in one place. Personally, I don’t know if I could book an affordable, amazing trip without a travel agent. That’s why I really wish I had known that there is easy access to a type of online travel agent. You can literally book flight, hotel and excursions all in one location!

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Let’s face it, when it comes to planning a vacation, the main focus is always the destination! It seems like every day I add a new place to my travel bucket list.

That’s why when planning my next trip, I look for a great online location to book everything I need including a huge variety of destinations. The options seem endless.

To get help planning a vacation, finding a company like Tours4Fun is a must.

You can choose from the most popular destinations, browse National Parks, popular countries, or maybe just choose one of the top places selected just for you.

Not everyone wants to have a trip chosen for them, but sometimes you’re making so many decisions every day, it’s kind of nice having someone else make them for you. Well, now, you have that option!


On top of a wide variety of destinations, with Tours4Fun there are literally thousands of hotels to choose from in some of the most desirable places on earth.

You can sort by best value, hotel stars or the distance they are from the major cities they are around. You can choose from the most elegant 5-star hotels with the best food and room service or save as much as you can with the less expensive options. We’re talking $50 a night in Paris! I may just start packing for that one!

Personally, when I plan a vacation, the hotel doesn’t matter nearly as much to me as a location. Because I don’t plan on spending much time in a hotel room, there really is no need to shell out extra cash for one. You can easily save on the cost of your trip by browsing the less expensive hotels or you can save an additional 5% just by signing up with Tours4Fun’s newsletter! While 5% doesn’t sound like a lot, it definitely adds up if you’re booking a big trip!

More ways to save big


Okay, now this might sound crazy, but I have never been on a cruise before!

We had planned to take one for our honeymoon and thought it would end up being too expensive! Can you believe it? Talk about regret.

With Tours4Fun You can book with the top cruise lines: Carnival, Celebrity, Disney and more for places like Alaska, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and even Hawaii!

If you are looking for some last-minute deals, check the site to see their top featured deals usually between 4 and 7 days traveling to places like Cuba, Mexico, Alaska, and the Caribbean. You can also search for your travel dates and check the exclusive offers.

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Custom tours

Customized plans

If you have absolutely no clue how to even begin planning a trip, or if you just don’t want to there are Destination Experts from around the world. Not only do they offer the best services, but they have extensive local knowledge and are passionate about helping create your dream trip. Each Destination Expert has in-depth knowledge of the destinations tons of experience helping people just like you.

There are pre-made packages that you can look at and choose from like:

  • West Coast Tours – An 8-day tour of San Fransisco, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, and Universal Studios.
  • Greece Tours – Talk about dream come true.
  • Game of Thrones Tours – Not a show I ever got into, but I can totally imagine some of my friends seriously soaking this in!

Create your own

Maybe you prefer to play around a little bit and hand select your tour. Doing this, won’t set you back in any way. You will still get a one-of-a-kind itinerary that’s crafted just for you. You can easily include add-ons such as activities, train tickets, flights, cruises or hotel upgrades in your trip.

Exclusive deals

Maybe you are one of those people I totally envy and already have the money saved up. Therefore you get to book last-minute vacations without worry.

Personally, browsing last-minute vacation package deals is a hobby of mine. Along with filling my online shopping cart and then Xing out of the window altogether.

But, enough about me, you can visit Tours4Fun’s exclusive deals to see different trip packages and their insanely affordable prices.

If you already have a trip planned, you can still check for excursions you might enjoy.

Save and book

If you know me, you know I insist on using my sinking funds to save for vacations. I like to create a vacation budget and save up for it. In fact, I created a page in my budget bundle dedicated specifically to planning and saving for vacations!

Whatever you do, don’t head into a vacation and rack up debt along the way! Plan smart and affordable so that you can fully enjoy your vacation and come home with less stress than when you left!

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