How I Created a Money Making Blog While Homeschooling

One thing I have always struggled with in my life is talking about myself. I will happily talk about shallow things like funny stories or how I ate too much candy after Halloween (yes, I am speaking from current experience). What I tend to shy away from is talking about my inner most feelings, my accomplishments or any part of my life that may be different from what most people do or live. Which is why even some of my closest friends don’t know that I have a money making blog, that I homeschool, or both! Well, today I felt compelled to reach out to other mamas out there who live with that fear that it’s not possible. This is for those mamas who want to know how it’s done…like really how it’s done. Here’s it is…

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Set goals for the year

With every new school year, it is so important to set goals for both school and your blog.

These goals can be as simple or as intricate as you’d like. Every person is different just like every family is different. So you have to do what works for you.

My goals for the year

This year my goal for myself (and the blog) was “fear.” I wanted to start pushing my comfort zone and doing more things that would force me to grow as a person and as a business owner.

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My goals for homeschool

For this school year, my goal has been to do more hands-on learning outside of the home. This was my original reason for homeschool and yet, I have consistently made excuses as to why we couldn’t.

“We can’t travel right now.” “I don’t have enough money.” “Maybe when I’m making $____ with the blog.”

Instead of more excuses, I’ve decided to start finding free or affordable things that are local!

Create new goals each day

Yearly goals are great, but every day it is super beneficial to make small daily goals. These are often as simple as

  • Write a blog post
  • Schedule Pinterest pins
  • Read 3 chapters
  • Encourage 20 minutes of solo reading
  • Make it through 3 pages of math
  • Respond to e-mails

Setting clear, tangible goals for each day is a great way to stay on task. Just make sure you keep the list small and reasonable. Otherwise you are going to finish the day feeling like a failure if you are unable to check off the items on your list.

Yes mamas! It's possible to make money with a blog while homeschooling! Here is the play by play of how I make money blogging and stick to a homeschool plan
Doing Pokemon battle math in bed. ❤️

Wake up to an alarm

One of the best perks about homeschooling is that you don’t have to wake up to an alarm or live on a strict schedule. Welp, I do.

Maybe not a crazy strict schedule, but I make sure to set my alarm for 6 am every day so I can make it to the gym, get home in time for breakfast, finish up school by noon and then have the rest of the day to work on the blog.

I ditched the 5am club

I did try to get up at 5am like a real go-getter. However, I found that doing this made me a lot less productive and far more tired throughout the day. So, I settled for 6 and it has worked fabulously.

Treat blogging like work

Even when I first started the blog and was making absolutely no money, I would clearly tell the kids that I was working.

I took time each day to work on the blog and to give it my 100% attention (or as much as I could) just like I would if I were at work.

Taking the blog seriously right off the bat was one of the biggest keys to its money making success. I have no doubts about it.

Invest in blog training

Before I even started my blog, I invested in a blogging course that taught all of the basic lessons I needed to get off the on the right foot with blogging.

Unfortunately, that course no longer exists! Luckily, I have taken all of the lessons I have learned over the last 3 years and broken them down in easy to follow blogging courses.

If I hadn’t taken the time to take my blog seriously and invest in trainings from people who had gone before me, I know there would have been a much longer learning curve and I probably wouldn’t have made money as quickly. Actually, I know I wouldn’t have.

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Stick to a schedule

After waking up at 6 am, I had to find a schedule that worked for me. I quickly realized that starting my day with the blog was the worst possible idea.

Originally, I believed that getting work done before the kids woke up would be my best option. However, because I love running the blog so much, I never wanted to stop!

I would skip the gym and keep putting off school work because I so badly wanted to work on the blog and help it grow.

Now I’ve realized that I need to get the gym done right away with no excuses and then complete school work. After that, I have the rest of the day to work to my hearts content.

Doing it this way gives me much less anxiety and I am able to accomplish everything on my goal list for the day.

Other helpful posts:

Make time for yourself every day

I am definitely one of those people who needs alone time. Which means, I have to make it happen as often as possible.

This is why I try to make it to the gym every morning, part of my personal goals is to read by myself every day for 20 minutes and go on date nights once a week with Tom.

I KNOW I don’t function as well or stay at patient if I don’t take care of myself. That’s why I see it as a top priority to ensure that homeschooling and making money with the blog both stay successful.

Take advantage of extracurriculars

Putting homeschooled kids in extracurricular activities is good to help them socialize and can challenge them and help them grow outside the home.

Mine have participated in a monthly book club, weekly “co-op,” volunteering at church, gymnastics, dance, cooking classes and Lego building camps.

Of course, we don’t do all of these at the same time!

Extracurriculars are beneficial to the kids but can also give working moms a chance to get in some uninterrupted work done.

Every Tuesday my homeschooled kiddos partake in a co-op group and I get to spend all day working at a coffee shop if I want to! Talk about a win/win situation!

Yes mamas! It's possible to make money with a blog while homeschooling! Here is the play by play of how I make money blogging and stick to a homeschool plan
My last Tuesday off, I was able to sneak away for a fun photo shoot with a friend!

Let dad help

Another new thing we have started this year is having Tom be more hands-on with schooling. When our oldest daughter was in school, he was so good about making sure to do homework with her and help her study.

Now that we’ve been homeschooling he’s a lot more hands-off oddly enough. This was leading to him feeling kind of “out of the loop” and not really knowing what our kids know.

It’s funny how if they were in school, he would just assume they are learning, but when they’re home with mom it seems easier to assume that they still don’t know their shapes. 🤪

Now, once a week, dad busts out a fun hands-on science project to do with the kids. This way he gets to interact with them, help them learn and teach them something that interests him as well.

Small steps are still steps

It’s so easy to look at all the things we want to accomplish in the next…oh, I don’t know, 30 years and instantly feel like we have to do them all right now…or we’re failing!

That’s why it’s so important to start with a daily list that is small and doable. Keep taking steps in the right direction and I promise, you will get somewhere!

Small steps for blogging

Take advantage of my 2 blogging courses — broken up into small, manageable lessons that you can get to on your own schedule!

Don’t expect to know everything all at once. Running a blog is like running a business. There is a learning curve that comes with it. You just have to keep going!

Small steps for school

Don’t get too hard on yourself if things don’t go as planned. This doesn’t have to be just like public school…that’s why you chose homeschool in the first place.

If you’re having an off day, just read together. More than anything children benefit from this time…even if they’re not the ones reading!

You got this!

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Yes mamas! It's possible to make money with a blog while homeschooling! Here is the play by play of how I make money blogging and stick to a homeschool plan