Beyoutarianism: the Best Diet

Beyoutarianism: the BEST Diet!

If you have known me the last few years you know that I have tried almost every single diet known to man. I have discovered my gluten intolerance, therefore dawning the name: “gluten free.” After many horrifying documentaries I desperately wanted to be a vegetarian. Making that big of a leap right away can be overwhelming, so I stuck with small portions of fish, and so I became a “pescatarian.” Then there was this crayfish in Vegas and that little guy convinced me to put the kibosh on sea food as well. That meant I was now a full time “vegetarian!” After some crazy health stuff, I thought maybe the cheese in my diet was the cause, so I went cold tofurkey on cheese and eggs and tested the waters of “vegan.”  Spoiler alert! You can read how veganism went for me here: Vegan Diet and Why I Had to Quit. Yup, I quit and started eating something more similar to a “paleo diet.” I could never have imagined just what all these diets weren’t giving me though. When I found “Beyoutarianism” it was a complete and total game changer. My body started changing and being everything I had ever wanted it to be! That’s why I just had to spread the word about Beyoutarianism, the best diet ever!

Before I get into Beyoutarianism, let me just explain exactly what my body went though when I was eating other diets.

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Pescatarian and Gluten Free

This was me as I just began my pescatarian style eating and just a few days before starting a gluten free diet. I had been struggling with a few different issues for a while and finally did an elimination diet that helped me realize I was struggle with a gluten intolerance. If you think you may struggle with gluten, you can read about the potential symptoms here: Gluten Intolerance Symptoms.

I had such good intentions to eat less meat, have more love for animals and stay fixed on a heavily plant based diet. There have been so many highly beneficial things I had learned about plant based eating including how it’s possible to cure a variety of diseases eating this way. It’s truly remarkable. If you are looking for a secret database filled with all of this information, look no further than Nutrition Facts. This is a website dedicated to spreading the positive message all about plant based eating and the astounding benefits.


vegan, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, paleo diet, dietsVegetarian/Vegan

In this photo I was a full time vegetarian, but was eating very little eggs and cheese. It wasn’t long before I made the full jump into veganism. With all my heart, I loved animals, I loved the idea of not eating them. Food is so mass produced these days, I knew I was able to get all the nutrients I needed without having to cause harm to another living creature, or their offspring (eggs.) I felt more in tune with every animal I came in contact with. There was a big inner peace that came over me. It might sound crazy, but it is absolutely true. Partial credit goes toward veganism and the other part goes to being gluten free. That stuff made me cray cray. Like, for real.

I was loving my food, loving the way I viewed the world, but was struggling with other skin, hair and health issues that I never ever would have credited to my diet.

vegan, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, paleo diet, dietsPaleo Diet

This photo was taken last month, it has been almost one year since I introduced meat back into my life and experienced an almost instant turn around in my health. I also carry a holistic nutrition certification that goes completely against the idea that meat is beneficial. Again, if you want the full dish, check out my post: Vegan Diet and Why I Had to Quit.

Not only was I truly feeling healthy and glowing, my skin was back, my hair was back, I had energy to make it to the gym again but I was still going strong with no gluten.

Then it hit me…I really wanted to be a vegetarian. I didn’t like mindlessly consuming meat and cheese was starting to get all too friendly again. My kids and I used to scarf down veggies when I was a vegetarian. My meals were so creative and nutrient filled. I missed it. Then…came Beyoutarianism.



Before we dive into the correct pronunciation or sort out the details of exactly how this diet works, let me ask you what you see in each photo of me? I mean, really? I’m up for some honesty. I’ll tell you what I see: the exact same flipping person. I see a happy woman on vacation who has been lucky enough to wear some fabulously cute (and totally inexpensive) outfits in her time! I see a woman who cares about her body, animals and all the people around her. No diet truly changed any of that. What all those diets did was actually take away from that.

I became consumed with the next best healthy alternative. I stressed over what exactly to eat and how much of it to eat in order to be as healthy as I could. I put myself through guilt trips after eating meat (even during the vegetarian phase.) No matter what diet I was on, I insisted on doing that diet right. I couldn’t call myself a vegan or a vegetarian if I ate a chicken wing. I was a total fraud and it went against everything I believed in! If I go fishing does it mean I don’t care anymore? If I ate rice would I still be eating paleo? Did I eat enough vegetables today? Did I eat enough meat?

Beyoutarianism (be-you-tarianism)

So here it is, my new and best diet yet. Eating whatever the hell I want in the sake of nourishing my body and living my life with as little stress as possible. Maya Angelou comes to mind. “Do the best you can, until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” Beyoutarianism means owning your body and knowing that one size does not fit all. To me it means knowing that I do love and care about animals, however, I don’t think vitamins did for my own health what a little bit of meat did. I value animal lives but I also value my own. I’m not selfish.

Beyoutarianism means I know my body doesn’t process gluten well. It doesn’t do great with too much sugar either. Maybe some day I’ll have to quit chocolate too. After a mild meltdown and some serious therapy…I will listen to my body then too.

Beyoutarianism gives me the freedom to eat tons of awesome vegan friendly meals without having to call myself a vegan. It gives me the freedom to have a chicken salad without becoming a total hypocrite. I get to eat for me, with no labels, no limitations and best of all, no stress, guilt or seriously nasty acne. (Again, it’s in the post: Vegan Diet and Why I Had to Quit)

This is why I recommend Beyoutarianism to every single one of you! You can also change this name if you’d like. Call it whatever you want, or call it nothing at all because truthfully, I’m tired of labels. Let me encourage you all to seriously research health issues that you may be facing. Eliminate foods that don’t work well for you and don’t feel guilty about eating the foods that your body is telling you you need. Listen to your body. Not the internet, not the newest fad. I would go as far as to say, just ignore the scientific research too. It either changes every year or the people doing the studies fix the outcome to be what they need it to be in order to sell whatever product they are pushing. What does your body tell you about your diet? Do you need to make changes? High blood pressure? Low blood pressure? Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Research, listen to others and find out what works to fix the problems your body is showing you. Because you deserve to be the best version of you. Not the skinniest version, but the physically strongest, healthiest, mentally happiest version of you. Jello molds were designed to make the same shape forever. Humans were not. So break the mold, don’t be afraid of not sticking to a label. Eat well. Learn. Nourish yourself and just be you.