9 Best Expert Tips for Getting What You Want

9 Best Expert Tips for Getting What You Want

We are currently in a society that is all about setting goals and knocking them outta the park. Never in my life did I think I would be interested in setting goals all the time, but now I realize just how much it actually works! It also changed my life for the better. Of course, this took some tinkering with. In order to set my life goals wisely, and in a way that wouldn’t totally burn me out like I was stuck on a hamster wheel, it took some experimenting. I implemented all of the best methods from different sources in order to really break down and figure out this goal setting thing. For me, this is goal setting done the right way. It helps save time, energy and stress and that’s exactly my kinda plan. I’ve combine 9 best expert tips for getting what you want to help guide you toward your life goals!

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Write out your goals (all of them)

We all have such a huge variety of goals that we want to accomplish in life. Some of them we might not even realize are goals. Things like having kids, or seeing Paris. Goals like this still deserve your time and attention just as much as professional or fitness goals. So be sure to make a list. Write them all out so you don’t forget anything. This is your time to be absolutely diligent in your list making! Don’t leave anything out!

Don’t focus on what other’s expect from you

This is probably one of the biggest things that stands in your way of achieving your goals. The expectations that are placed on you by those around you. Maybe you don’t want kids, but you know you’re parents are dying for a grand baby. Perhaps you are totally happy with your weight but feel like your spouse wants you to look a certain way. I’m telling you right now to let go of any and all of these things. Whether it’s what you think people want or what you know they want; either way, it doesn’t matter. They are not living this life of yours and if you know what you are doing is safe, healthy and aligned with your true values, then keep pressing on!

Listen to those who love you

Yup, I’m getting a little contradictory here. While it is important to remember not to completely follow in the footsteps someone has laid out for your, it’s also important to remember to listen to what they have to say. My personal biggie was when I got married…the first time. I was 19 and totally terrified. My best friend tried to tell me getting married was a stupid idea. I was so irritated with her. She was just jealous, that’s all. Ten months later I was home and getting a divorce and I had been unhappy long before that. What I thought was her trying to impose her ideas for my life was really just a genuine care and concern for my well being and I shouldn’t have been too stubborn to listen. Getting divorced at the age of 20 feels like a pretty big set back, let me tell you. A 10 month marriage can feel like a 10 year waste of time when there was so much more I wanted to do in life. Don’t let your pride or stubbornness get in your way. Listen with open ears, an open mind and heart and follow what you truly know to be best.

Do all your goals align?

If you have goals to have 4 kids by the time you’re 40, go to med school and travel to every continent…you may have to pump the breaks a bit. While this all may be totally doable you may also totally burn yourself out and when you hit 40 you won’t have the energy for 4 kids and a medical career.

Be sure to look through your goals and seek out any that might be unrealistic. Make some changes and get crafty. I’m not saying your goals aren’t possible, they just may need to be re-worked a little.

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Decide what you actually need and what is wasted time

Now that you know your goals and maybe have a realistic plan down, it’s time to think about what you don’t need. For example, if your goal is to be a National Geographic photographer who travels around the world, do you need an accounting degree? Probably not.

If your goal is to be a stay at home mom who doesn’t work, is a 4 year degree something you need to invest in right now? Chances are this might actually just make staying at home harder if you’re bringing in added debt with no means to pay it off. However, I am a big believer in furthering your education. So I might suggest taking classes, getting a 2 year degree or gradually continuing your education while you stay home. The brain is a beautiful thing, I would never support not nurturing it just be intentional about it!

Get specific

When you know what you want, paint that picture in your mind. Heck, paint it on a giant canvas and hang it on your wall. This is where things like dream boards come in handy. Visualizing what you want becomes much easier when you have a visual aid. Personally, I write down my goals on my bathroom mirror. That way I am reminded of my goals every single day, multiple times a day. There is also nothing wrong with getting specific on these goals. Jim Carrey being a great example, in case you haven’t heard. After working for over a decade to accomplish anything in his acting career, he wrote himself a check for $10,000,000 and he dated it 2 years into the future. He carried that check with him everywhere. Two years later, just before his check was dated, he received $10,000,000 for Dumb and Dumber.

The scary thing with setting this specific of goals is the fear of specifically failing. At least it always was for me. The major key to this is completely believing in your goal. When it feels attainable and realistic, set it. If some part of you feels off, then maybe it’s not the right goal to get specific with and you need to do a little more soul searching first. For example, I couldn’t realistically believe myself if I set a goal to earn 1 million dollars by the end of the year. If I don’t believe it, chances are I’m not going to achieve it. Setting a goal that is still big, but feels more realistic, like $50,000 is probably more my kinda goal.

Take steps

Now it’s time to look at your big picture, see your end result and start setting your steps backwards. If I wanted to build my own $500,000 home in 10 years, I know I would need at least $100,000 to put as a downpayment. That means I’d better work on saving $10,000 per year. If I’m going to save that much, I’d better get a second income. Maybe starting a blog, which is exactly what I did. I’m also going to want to get a high interest savings account set up. And of course, it all boils down to having a solid budget to make sure I’m spending and saving wisely.

If you need to get yourself started on a solid budget, I recommend checking out my Fun Sized Budget Bundle to get all of your savings, spending and debt payoffs in order.

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Invest in yourself

This can be a tough one when you’ve got big, scary goals, but it is absolutely crucial! If you want to get better at something, don’t be afraid to invest in yourself and your dream. When I started my blog, I knew I wanted to earn money from it and to show just how serious I was about it, I invested money in it! I paid for courses, paid for e-mail, and did whatever it took to make myself official. If knew that if I wanted to turn blogging into a career, then I’d better show the entire world that I valued myself and my dream enough to take it seriously.

Be flexible

It’s funny in life how we can be working so hard toward one goal that we often find ourselves on a completely different path. The best thing to do is be prepared for these changes and learn to work with them rather than against them. Make your plans, but also be prepared to just let life lead you a little bit. That’s where the real adventures are after all!

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