Need some school lunch ideas? These 22 Bento Box lunch ideas are delicious, simple ideas that will help you get a health lunch packed ASAP.

22 Simple Bentgo Box Lunch Ideas for Kids Going Back to School

My daughter requested a Bento Box for the first time last year, and I gotta tell you, it made packing her lunch so much more fun! In preparation for the coming school year, I thought I would find the best Bento Box lunch ideas that Pinterest had to offer. Let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint! I put together 22 of my favorite cold lunch ideas for kids from some seriously creative mamas. Since I am all about keeping things minimal up in here I avoided sharing lunch ideas that required too much effort. You know, the kind of effort that requires cutting food into shapes or crafting cucumber sushi! I’ve filtered out the high achiever lunch boxes and compiled 22 simple lunch box meal ideas just for you.

Sandwich Half

I was really digging this half sandwich lunch idea from The Organized Mom Life because I think if you play your cards right, you could make one sandwich and craft 2 lunches with it. Perfect if you have multiple kids, or if you like avoiding doing additional work.

Build Your Own Sushi

If your kids are sushi fanatics like mine are, this is a perfect way to spice up their lunch box! Feel Good Foodie definitely pulled out the big guns for this lunch box meal idea. How fun for kids to get to scoop up their own sushi servings while also sneaking in some fruits and veggies!

Mini Muffins

Twin Mom Refreshed crafted a simple lunch box for her toddler. This meal is the perfect finger food platter for any little one. As a mom who has always been a fan of making healthy food a little more fun, you’ll probably be psyched to know these are actually avocado mini muffins! Who could tell?

Parfait, OK?

Something I think we tend to do as moms is feel like we need to overcomplicate things. This adorable parfait tray from One Lovely Life is a sweet example of how a homemade school lunch can be simple and delicious.

Pizza to go

Remember back in the day when we were gnawing on pizza Lunchables and trying to pretend they were good because we were just so excited to have pizza for lunch? Well, Eat This, Not That, seems to have cracked the code on a pizza lunch that a kid could actually enjoy. These little English muffin pizzas are perfect and require little more than a little time in the toaster or microwave to prep!

PB&J Bites

Confession: ever since I was a kid I have been obsessed with finger sandwiches. A lunch like this one from Toddler Meal Ideas would have made my head spin as a kid for the simple fact that they were tiny bites. Sure, this would be a good idea for a preschool lunch…or for a full grown adult who still likes to pretend she is eating at a tea party. (AKA me.)

Rice Cake Snack Attack

Again, The Toasted Pine Nut reminding us a fun school lunch can be as easy as 1, 2, 3. A few quick scoops and this lunch is assembled and delicious.

Little Leftovers

Baby Foode crafted this kiddos lunch with chicken friend rice. I love this originality because frankly, it can be really diverse! There is no better way to polish off a bit of last nights leftovers than casually dispersing it throughout school lunches.

Grilled Cheese, Please

I think I might have a new blog obsession…This Worthey Life. In a sea of moms making cutesy lunches, my jaw about dropped when I saw that a dad was behind the scenes prepping these crazy delicious, nutritious meals. OK, maybe grilled cheese isn’t all that healthy, but I dare you to name one kid who wouldn’t gobble down grilled cheese and berries like there was no tomorrow.

Pasta Salad

One Lovely Life crafted a simple pasta salad based Bento Box lunch with a fruit and veggie side. This school lunch prep is genius because all of these items are not only healthy but are very easy to prep ahead. This bowl of pasta salad can easily stay chilled in the fridge for 5 days and the grapes, carrots and crackers are all easy grab as well!


There is no better way to make a meal feel a little bit fancier than a well-crafted roll up. Feel Good Foodie put together a variety of school lunch wraps/rollups accompanied by a variety of side snacks. This is also a great idea if you have several children you need to pack lunches for as a single roll up can be divided equally!

Hummus Platter

This hummus packed lunch box is perfect and ideal for the family on the go. Whether you are a working parent or just haven’t nailed the whole meal prep thing, this lunch box is perfect for you. With a pre-wrapped dessert and hummus pouch, this Bento Box idea from Eat This, Not That is something that could be done quickly and easily.

Banana Wrap

The Toasted Pine Nut combined easy meal prep and pre-packaged with this banana wrap with fruit, crackers and yogurt drink. Remember, lunch time doesn’t have to be fancy, or add an extra 20 minute to your to do list. Crafting fun, heart-felt meals can be simple and effective!

Rainbow Food

This rainbow kabab from Baby Foode is an absolutely adorable way to make your child’s meal feel fun and exciting (even if everything is secretly healthy and nutritious). Packing a Bentgo Box lunch like this is such a smart idea if you have a kid you are trying to get to eat more naturally colored foods, like this colorful fruit kabab.

Nachos 2.0

Umm…is this expensive takeout or a well packed school lunch? This Worthey Life proves you can put a spin on everyone’s favorite junk food and make it a little healthier while still being incredibly appetizing. Again, the prep on this Bentgo Box could be relatively simple if you prep the meat for the week and have everything pre-chopped on hand.

Finger Sandwiches

There is something about finger sandwiches that is just way more exciting than a normal sandwich. It feels like tea parties when we were kids. That’s why we love this Feel Good Foodie Bentgo Box lunch idea. Everything here is bite size finger food that any kiddo would enjoy unboxing at lunch time.

Fruit Dippers

One Lovely Life nailed it with this all-dippable lunch box idea. Let’s face it, most kids have way more fun with healthy eating if they are able to dip their fruits and veggies into something tasty. The addition of graham crackers puts the perfect touch on this meal time treat.

Yogurt with Sprinkles

Remember those TV dinners they had when we were kids? This yogurt and sprinkles from Toddler Meal Ideas is definitely giving off those vibes. The addition of sprinkles is such a simple touch but can instantly make your kids feel like they are opening up a treat at lunch time (even if some veggies and in there).

Waffle Dippers

Everyone loves a good breakfast for lunch, am I right? To top it off, the tiny addition. of perfectly covered syrup and hard bouiled eggs really makes this lunch box meal from Eat This, Not That feel like you’re sitting down to the breakfast table.

Omelette Bites

Detoxinista just might be a lunch time meal prep genius with these omelette bites. This is such a great way to pack a healthy protein filled meal for your kids that keeps mess minimal while still making sure they are eating less processed and more planned.

Nacho Lunch

The use of reusable cupcake liners will always be one of our favorite ways to add color to and organize a lunch box. Even though Bentgo Boxes do a great job of helping busy parents sort and organize food, Baby Foode took it one step furhter in this nacho lunch box.

Build Your Own Quesedilla

We cannot get enough of the taco themed lunch boxes and this DIY quesadilla felt like the icing on. the…uhm…tortilla. Feel Good Foodie put together a fun Bentgo Box for kids that allows them to get a little hands-on and creative at lunch time. What better way to get a kid to eat their food than to let them feel like they are building it themselves?

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Need some school lunch ideas? These 22 Bento Box lunch ideas are delicious, simple ideas that will help you get a health lunch packed ASAP.

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