13 Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Hotel Suite

Confession: the main reason I decorated our master bedroom the way I did was that I wanted it to look like a Loews Hotel room. Tom and I have worked to have more weekend getaways without the kids and there is something so relaxing about a well-designed hotel room. The thing is, I believe that we can easily create an inexpensive hotel room right here in the comfort of our home. I’ve compiled 13 simple and inexpensive changes you can make to your room to make it feel more like a hotel suite.

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Why a hotel suite?

The main reason we decided to downsize our home and pay off our debt was so that we could live a life that contained only things that we loved. Well, I love a beautiful hotel suite. It makes me feel pampered and fresh. That was something I wanted in my own room every single day.

Planning your remodel

One thing I want to caution against is simply putting the costs of your remodel onto a credit card or taking money from your budget without planning for it.

When Tom and I started Budget Hacking, we were able to free up over $1,000 liquid cash each month that has allowed us to save for emergencies and for fun spending like remodeling our home and taking big vacations.

Taking even $20 per month can make a huge difference and lighten the financial burden of a home makeover.

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How to cut costs

Yes, I wanted a bedroom that felt like a hotel suite, but I wasn’t about to break the bank in order to make it happen. Here are some great price saving options so you can create the room you want on a budget.

Rebate apps

Rebate apps can be a great way to cut costs if you are using the right ones. If you are a big online shopper, my top recommendation is Rakuten.

Rakuten gives you discounts across a variety of online stores like Bed Bath and Beyond and Pier 1. Here are some great options that they currently have. Get a $10 credit for Rakuten.

Make your bedroom feel like a hotel suite on a reasonable budget. Here are 13 inexpensive decorating ideas you can use to decorate your bedroom.

Know what you want wait for a sale

The best way to save the most money is to first know exactly what you want. Be as picky as possible. After all, you are working to create a peaceful hotel suite bedroom just for you. That means you deserve the best.

Don’t go diving in clearance bins hoping to find the best stuff to decorate your bedroom. Instead know what you want, and then wait for it to go on sale. There is always a sale!

DIY what you can

Some of these tips you could easily accomplish with a few inexpensive DIY moves. Don’t always feel like you need to be crazy talented either.

Decorate with items you already have

Who says you can’t pull items from other rooms to make your bedroom more welcoming? One of the biggest money savers is taking advantage of what you already have.

Decorate Your House for Cheap Using Stuff You Already Have

Make your bedroom feel like a hotel suite on a reasonable budget. Here are 13 inexpensive decorating ideas you can use to decorate your bedroom.
This simple minimalist luxury hotel inspired bedroom by Jessica Elizabeth would be easy to accomplish.

How to transform your room

Alright, so once you know a hotel suite styled bedroom is right for you and how to make it more affordable, what do you do to actually make this dream bedroom a reality?

Lots of light

One thing that people really want in their hotel room is a lot of light. That could be as easy as removing some heaving hanging drapes to let more natural sunlight in.

However, if you don’t have a lot of natural light outside of your bedroom window, you can improvise with additional lighting around the room. A great way to do this could be with well-strung twinkly lights or by using light stips under furniture.

Blackout blinds

Sleep is a precious thing, especially in a hotel suite. That’s why the best hotel rooms come equipped with curtains that block out all the sunshine so you can sleep in as late as you’d like.

Most blinds are easy to install and available for around $20!

Calming colors

When you want to relax, you’re going to need calming colors to do that.

9 Peaceful Paint Colors to Help You Relax

Adding a few pops of color can be fun, but keeping the majority of your decor in calming tones is going to give you the most relaxing place to lay your head at night.

Focal point artwork

You know hotels seems to have that one piece of artwork? Well, you can snag this idea too! In our bedroom I threw paint at a large canvas and called it a day.

This is something you could easily DIY or use a painting that you already have in your home. Or you could combine the two by re-painting an old piece of art!


Not all hotel rooms have greenery, but the best ones absolutely do. In fact, the right greenery could be easy to maintain and help you sleep better at night.

Clear surfaces

Hotel suites avoid over-cluttering their flat surfaces. Clear desk top, clear dresser, clear nightstands. If anything they’ll have a lamp, water glasses or a notepad.

Keeping clear surfaces in your own bedroom will avoid you feeling overwhelmed at the end of the night. No one wants to lay their head down only to see a pile of clutter on their dresser.

Doing your best to keep your flat surfaces clear can go a long way in helping you create a hotel suite styled bedroom.

This gorgeous Nobis Hotel Copenhagen on the About Decoration Blog has clear surfaces and tons of light!

Tall headboard

A tall headboard clear to the ceiling can instantly say “luxury” as soon as you walk through the door. The best part is, many people have shared tutorials on how to DIY your own headboard so it could be created at an inexpensive price.

A comfy sitting area

The bed is great for relaxing, but what about curling up with a good book or sipping coffee by the window in the morning?

If you have the space, consider making room for a relaxing sitting area to really give your room that hotel suite feeling.

Bedside lamps

There’s something extra cozy about lamps at your bedside.

At the end of the night, it’s nice having a small light on so you can read a book. In the morning it’s nice to have a small light to turn on before you face the day ahead.

Make your bedroom feel like a hotel suite on a reasonable budget. Here are 13 inexpensive decorating ideas you can use to decorate your bedroom.
Cute simple side table lamps in Aarb Magazine

Luxury light fixtures

Having simple lamps next to the bed are cozy and simple to achieve, but when it comes to overhead lighting, it’s ok to go above and beyond.

While you might have more calming colors in your room or even a simple bed spread, having a beautiful light fixture and really help everything feel like a luxurious hotel suite.

Fluffy pillows

You cannot, I repeat, cannot have a luxurious hotel suite bedroom without fluffy pillows. It’s an absolute must.

I searched a long time to find the perfect fluffy pillows to add the finishing touches to our master bedroom and finally found Columbia down alternative ones on sale. They are perfect and they have continued to hold their shape over the years.

Make your bedroom feel like a hotel suite on a reasonable budget. Here are 13 inexpensive decorating ideas you can use to decorate your bedroom.
These dreamy fluffy pillows on Essential Home are exactly what every hotel suite bedroom needs.

Textured blankets

Have you ever noticed how most hotel suites have the regular comforter and then a lighter, simpler blanket as well? This is genius because you have optional comfort levels at your finger tips.

We purchased a waffle weave blanket to drop across the bottom of our bed so we have the option to use our heavy, down alternative comforter, or the lighter more breathable blanket.

This also adds a little texture to your room and gives it a more homey feel.

Fresh linens

When it come to the hotel suite, it is all about the bedding. So we covered pillows and blankets, but don’t forget about the linens.

In fact, it’s such a big deal that you can actually shop Marriott (hotels) for luxury bed linens.

Made bed

Okay, now this tip doesn’t require any decorating on your part! How exciting, right?! It does however take a little extra effort in your morning routine.

Having a made bed not only starts your day off on the right foot, but gives you a cozy, welcoming bed to come home to at the end of the day.

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Make your bedroom feel like a hotel suite on a reasonable budget. Here are 13 inexpensive decorating ideas you can use to decorate your bedroom.