5 Things to Do to Clear the Energy in Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

We all want to be able to come home at the end of a long day, plop down our head and drift off to dream land without and hiccups or stress, right? Unfortunately, what we tend to do is bring all of our baggage to the bedroom. We bring the stress from the day, marital fights and sometimes, without realizing it, we can be bringing down the energy in a big way. So, to help you keep your bedroom feeling like a sanctuary, we’ve put together 5 crazy simple things that you can do to clear the energy and create a tranquil bedroom to help you sleep better than a baby. (Because let’s face it, babies don’t actually sleep all that great.)

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Clear the clutter

It might seem extra obvious that a cluttered room is usually a stressful room — not to mention the more stuff, the more changes for muddling up the energy like crazy.

Taking the time to clear the space in your bedroom allows you to create more space to breathe, to sleep and gives you less visual clutter to focus on. Because oddly enough just seeing all of that clutter can increase your stress levels!

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Make it green

There is a reason plants are all the rage. Not only do you get to bring a little bit of Mother Nature indoors with you, but plants are said to have have amazing air cleaning qualities. Although there is some debate on this, there is no denying the good vibes that come from having a plant in your home.

Not to mention that their main job is to create oxygen. They do this best when they are given access to light. So make sure you are finding optimal places for your green babies!

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  • Aloe vera
These 5 simple trick will help you clear the energy in your bedroom (or any room) to sleep better and reduce stress.
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Hidden dust bunnies

Trusts us on this one! It is a game changer!

Maybe you are doing a decent job of vacuuming or keeping up on light dusting around your house, but…how are your walls and ceiling fan doing?

These areas of our home that are often neglected can accumulate a lot of dust and negative energy.

Taking 30 minutes to thoroughly dust and clean off those neglected places can transform your bedroom almost instantly into a place of tranquility and peace.

Some common dust collecting locations:

  • Wall and high corners
  • Tops of the ceiling fan
  • Curtain rods and tops of curtains
  • Behind the TV
  • Behind the bed (take your vacuum’s hose to help you get any dust that has collected where the wall meets the floor)

Sage the place

The belief that sage can be used in energy clearing comes from Native Americans.

While sage is most commonly used these days for smudging (energy clearing), the Native Americans actually had a wide variety of health benefits they believed sage was useful for. For you skeptics, you might be happy to know modern science is backing the validity of these claims.

What you need for smudging

  • Abalone shell or ceramic bowl for collecting ashes
  • Fan, shell or daily cards for fanning
  • Matches
  • *A high-vibe attitude (wink, wink)
These 5 simple trick will help you clear the energy in your bedroom (or any room) to sleep better and reduce stress.

Check your words

Lastly, how are the words in your room?

Words are a powerful tool, so much so that things like plants and water even respond better to kind words!

This is why it is crucial to look at the words that are in your bedroom (your entire home actually).

Do you have books that are inspiring and encouraging or do they contain taboo words that involve violence, crime or anger?

If you have photos or posters on your walls, are they uplifting and encouraging?

Taking the time to evaluate the words that you are surrounding yourself with can have a tremendous impact on improving the energy in and around the space in your bedroom.

Other ways to use the power of words:

These 5 simple trick will help you clear the energy in your bedroom (or any room) to sleep better and reduce stress.

Did we miss something?

What have you done to create a more high energy home? Do you have additional tips for raising the vibration in your bedroom? If so, drop your comments below and share the love! We would love to hear from you!

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These 5 simple trick will help you clear the energy in your bedroom (or any room) to sleep better and reduce stress.