How I Went from $0 to $1,200 in Affiliate Marketing Sales in One Month

Lately, I have been thinking back on one of my greatest blogging victories and I can’t believe I didn’t share it with you sooner! I had been blogging for 9 months without seeing any real earnings. Then, by changing just a few simple affiliate marketing strategies, I went from $0 to $1,200 in affiliate marketing sales in one month! A few tiny tweaks made all the difference. If you have been struggling to make money with affiliate marketing, you are going to want to keep reading. I will fill you in on the simple changes I made and give you the full inside scoop on how to rock at affiliate marketing.

*This post contains affiliate links. Although I may make a commission, all recommendations are my own. 

What is affiliate marketing?

In case you haven’t heard of it, what affiliate marketing is is recommending products or services to your readers and getting paid for it.

Each brand or business that you are an affiliate for will give you a special code to use in your links. When a reader clicks on your link and makes a purchase or signs up for a program, you will earn a commission for recommending them!

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It’s just like recommending your favorite Netflix show…but getting paid!

If you are naturally recommending things to your friends, family, and readers anyway, then affiliate marketing is something you definitely want to learn more about.

Great affiliate companies to start with:

How to start affiliate marketing

My top recommendation for getting started with affiliate marketing is to use a site that allows you to search for a variety of affiliates.

The affiliate marketing site I put most of my focus into when first getting started was ShareASale. 

A good way to plan out your affiliates is to think about companies or products that you already support and are naturally already talking about.

It’s super important to stay true to yourself and be honest with your audience. That is also why you need a disclosure.

Before you post an affiliate link

Before you share any affiliate links in a post, you must first give your audience a fair warning.

Always make sure to disclose that you are using affiliate links.

You may have noticed mine at the beginning of this post. “*This post contains affiliate links. Although I may make a commission, all recommendations are my own. “

Tips for better affiliate marketing

Because I had been running my blog for nearly 9 months, I already had a large number of affiliates that I was working with.

Even though I had been accepted to a lot of different affiliate programs, I still wasn’t making many sales.

My traffic kept improving and I was using affiliate links all the time but couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t earning much money.

Treat your blog like a business

I have always been a firm believer in treating my blog like a business which means I am always investing in it!

Before I even started the blog itself, I invested in a quality blogging course from a blogger that I trusted.

What courses I invested in:

The course that changed my affiliate game

In December I decided to purchase Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing by seven-figure blogger Michelle from Making Sense of Cents.

Michelle is making over $50,000 each month from affiliate marketing, so it only seemed natural to learn from her!

The affiliate methods I used

If you are struggling with affiliate marketing, there are a ton of great lessons to be learned in Michelle’s course.

Some things I felt like I  already knew, but the extra tips made the world of difference

Focus on less than 10 affiliates at a time

I always do better when I narrow my focus and concentrate on one thing (or fewer things) at a time. I decided to take Michelle’s advice and narrow it down to only 5 affiliates at once. Here were my top choices:

Believe in your affiliates

I chose these affiliates because I had already used them and/or believed strongly that they would benefit my readers.

Previously, I was looking for affiliates that had big payouts … or any affiliate company that would take me really! ? I just wanted to make money!

The best way to get real with your readers (and make sales) is to use or truly recommend the affiliates that you work with.

Use your links 3 times

Once I had my top 5 affiliates chosen, I made every single one of my posts contain at least three links to them.

That doesn’t mean I used all 5 in every post!

I would choose an affiliate to promote for each post and then make sure there were 3 different links for that affiliate.  See how I plan my posts and plan my affiliate links.

Make your links clickable

If your affiliates have a great offer like this, “Get $5 FREE when you sign up!” It’s going to entice your readers to click a lot more than just saying, “Click here.”

Consider the benefits your readers will gain from your affiliates and use this to get them to click the links!

Do you need BIG commissions to make money?

The craziest part about all of this is I started implementing the 5 affiliate method in December and by January I was blown away by my sales.

While I made a few larger sales, for the most part, I had made over $1,200 with only $5 commissions from Ibotta and Do$h!

By the way, you can click my links and instantly be working with both of these companies!??

By taking the time to narrow my focus and get intentional about sharing affiliate links, I saw a huge jump in my commissions!

The success didn’t stop there either! In February, I made another $1,000 in affiliate sales!

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Other helpful strategies

When it comes to making money from your blog, you can’t just simply write a post and then instantly start making money. A lot of hard work and promoting go behind increasing page views and making sales.

Know all the best blogging practices

It’s not enough just to know how to use affiliate marketing, it’s so important to make sure the rest of your blog is optimizing at it’s best!

Fun Sized Blogging Basics – In this course, I wanted to give new bloggers a chance to learn everything I have learned over the course of the last few years. When I first started investing in blogging courses, I still had so many more questions! That’s why I decided to answer those questions for you in my course.

Not ready to pay? Grab the FREE course first!

Find the best affiliate programs

Yes, you can make money with $5 affiliates, BUT you stand to gain so much more if you find the right affiliates with bigger payouts.

Like I said, it’s important to invest in your blog if you want to make money from it, that’s why I still highly recommend checking out Michelle’s course. Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. 

She still offers more helpful tips in her course all about affiliate marketing, including how to get accepted to every affiliate program you apply to!

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    Hi Renee! I’m a newbie blogger and I haven’t started the affiliate marketing yet, although been reading a lot about it. Always learning! Thanks for sharing your article!

    • | 11th Oct 18

      Hey Sandra!! Welcome to the blogging world! Not always an easy place, but oh, so worth it!

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