About The Fun Sized Life

Why I am not raising my kids to be minimalist even though I am

Hi there!

I’m Renee. Wife, mama, serial entrepreneur, and cheerleader for your one life.

For a good majority of my life I allowed myself to:

  • Spending nearly every dime I made
  • Miss out on the big things because I couldn’t pass up impulse purchases
  • Believe that I had to “fit in” or have “all the things” in order to be worthy as a human being

Then, in 2015, as my marriage was struggling, finances were crumbling and all of my energy was being drained just trying to keep up with the hustle of cleaning my big house, running my own business and trying to stay afloat financially, it hit me.

Why was I hustling so hard for STUFF when everything I ever REALLY wanted was falling apart?

I still remember the moment I walked up to my husband and said, “Let’s sell the house!”

Here’s the rest of the story so far…

Choosing what I did and did not want for my life was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Now, The Fun Sized Life is dedicated as an all-around life simplification tool for other people who want to:

  • Live with less
  • Simplify daily life
  • Upsize their finances
  • Truly live life on their terms

In fact, I feel so passionately about helping other people simplify their lives in order to live fuller, more well-rounded lives that I designed my own program to teach others how to do it. Click here to learn more about Rich Minimalist and use code: FUNSIZED to save 10%!

Thank you so much for being here!