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Wife | Mama | Minimalist | Future Millionaire in Sneakers

For too long I lived my life the way everyone else expected me to. I dressed the part, stayed in shape, made meals from scratch and eventually bought the big house on the cul de sac.

I was miserable

Turns out, you can't fake happiness. You can't buy it either. Trust me, I tried. What you can do is stop wasting your time and money on things that aren't adding to your joy.

That's what I did.

In 2016 we downsized from our big, beautiful home to a simple starter home. You know, the "fun sized" version.

Within the next 3 years I made a plan for our family to pay off all of our debt, I learned to budget and figured out that whole saving and investing thing I had been too scared to learn about before.

Oh yeah, and I started a blog!

Making money on my own terms from anywhere in the world is definitely something I could get used to. Besides, I wanted to travel with my kids while we homeschool so they could learn about life beyond the classroom.

Learn how to Make Your First $1,000 Blogging.

The Fun Sized Life Renee Benes

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Shopping is a real addiction, but there is still hope. Learn more about the best debt payoff plan for compulsive spenders and see how to get started now.
There are so many sneaky ways to save money on vacation that you might not know about! Number 17 is by far my favorite way to travel on a budget!

Two Years After Downsizing.

I Stopped Buying Clothes for 3 Years.

How I Made $500 Without Working.

Check in our family after 2 years of living a downsized life. And read all about our one biggest regret.

After going minimalist, I stopped buying clothes for 3 years. See how I did it and how it changed my life. 

Part of my life goals is to make as much passive income as I can. See how I managed to make $500 in ONE WEEK without working.

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Our Final Debt Payment.

Why Our Kitchen Doesn't Match.

Why "Fear" is my Word of the Year.

How did becoming debt free transofrm our lives? Hear about our final debt payment and what it did to me.

So we have a kind of mis-matched kitchen. Here's why.

I chose the word "Fear" as my Word of the Year for 2019. It sounds crazy but I think more people need to follow along.


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