5 Best YouTube Channels for at Home Workouts

The day we got a smart TV was a day that changed my life. Amongst other things I slowly discovered all the best YouTube channels for at home workouts. Whether you are into hard core cardio, yoga or dance; YouTube has got you covered. There is always some new fad diet or the newest and best weight loss shake but the one thing that has stuck around is good, old fashioned exercise. I don’t always make it to the gym. Sometimes I miss the child care times. Other times I feel like taking a class that isn’t on the schedule. Times like these, I turn to YouTube and all the beauty it has to offer when it comes to fitness. I’ve compiled a list of all my favorite fitness experts. They all offer different styles, different types of workouts and always have something new to offer.

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#1. Yoga by Adriene


Adriene is my girl and if you type in “yoga for beginners,” her channel is probably the first one you’ll see. Yoga is usually the one workout I need more of but don’t always have time for. 

She offers a great variety of different types of yoga workouts that are sure to fit whatever you are needing at the time.

She has yoga for weight loss, yoga for anxiety, yoga for your butt and even yoga for a break up. The good morning and good night yogas are probably a few of my favorites because often, after a crazy day, I need a chill, low key yoga to just calm me down or get me going. These times are also when I read for my meditation beads.

If you are new to yoga, you will definitely find a wide variety of sequences to get you started. For those of you who are yoga veterans, she also offers fun newer workouts to challenge you a little.

Each video she offers also varies in length, which I love. Sometimes I only have 20 minutes. There are those few and far between times that I have an entire hour to spare and when I do, she’s totally got me covered. My personal favorite is her “Yoga for Weight Loss: Abs and Arms.” A lot of times I want to workout my abs because, well, babies. This has been my favorite shorter period sequence that also gives my abs an extra boost.

Hands down, Yoga by Adriene is my most frequently used to fitness channel and I guarantee she has something for you too.

#2. Fitness Blender

home workoutsFitness blender has been great when it comes to those days that I need a full on swift kick to the behind. This team offers such a wide variety of different types of workouts, there is is no way you will get bored.

The HIIT workouts are the ones I turn to the most because they are usually 30 minutes or less, not repetitive and you will definitely feel the burn. Plus, I am not a huge fan of HIIT workouts at the gym. Why? Because I don’t like dying in front of dozens of people.

If you are wanting to push yourself a little further in the fitness department but are hesitant to do it at the gym, Fitness Blender is definitely the right place to look.

The gym can be an intimidating place if you are just starting out and that’s what makes videos like this a girl’s best friend.

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#3. Blogilates

home workoutsI was recently introduced to Casey Ho of Blogilates and I am oh, so psyched about it! Not only does she have a great attitude and outlook on life and workouts, but her YouTube channel is full of to-the-point workouts.

Some of my favorite ones are just under the 10 minute mark. Doing this workouts, it may be helpful to have a little yoga or pilates previous experience, but it is absolutely not necessary. Casey does such a great job of guiding you along.

My favorite part is that she isn’t all fitness videos, but also digs into the nutrition behind it all as well.

Again, for those of you who may not have a ton of time to commit but really want to get your body moving a little bit, Blogilates can totally do that for you. These videos would be great to even sit back and watch with some butter free popcorn just to learn from all Casey has to teach. Then maybe the next time you head to the gym or join a class you’ll feel like you’re a little bit more in the loop.

#4. Beachbody

home workouts

I think most of us have heard of Beachbody at this point. While their YouTube channel doesn’t offer all of their great workouts hidden away in one online spot like you would hope; they do have the best advice on how to do your workouts right.

If you are anything like me, you may find a quick workout on Pinterest that guarantees only 5 minutes of movement but aren’t quite sure how to do those moves on point.

Beachbody’s YouTube has got you covered. They have tons of videos that show you step by step the correct way to do tons of different moves like squats, push ups, bear crawls. Some things you may have never even heard of.

Form is so important when it comes to working out. You want to make sure you’re doing everything correctly to avoid getting hurt. This has to be my favorite feature I’ve seen on any workout YouTube channel. Again, because it goes back to that fear of starting to workout when you have no idea what you’re doing. I know I really would have appreciated having these tutorials around when I first started going to the gym.

#5. POPSugar Fitness

home workoutsFor those of you who were active in sports like dance, cheerleading or things like that, you will definitely love the workouts that POPSugar has to offer.

Even if these weren’t exactly up your alley, and you just rolled your eyes at my mere suggestion that you might partake in those “sports”, still, you’ll love this channel.

Every workout that POPSugar has to over is guaranteed to get you moving, sweating and feeling great. If you dread running like I do this YouTube channel has everything you need to get your cardio in without crying. If you a cry a little, no one can tell, because you’ll be safe at home!

They offer the best in kickboxing cardio by far. What’s really great is that they don’t get too quick too fast. You get a slower walk through of all the moves and are guided the whole time. This will help prevent you from feeling like a kicking, flailing moron in the privacy of your own home.

The best home workouts

My top 5 highly recommended YouTube channels for your best at home workouts. These fab 5 cover all the bases, no matter what your workout wants are.

Even if you don’t have a TV that you can access YouTube from, you can still benefit from the lessons taught in a lot of these videos and then begin to incorporate them into your workouts both at home or at the gym. Also, take a moment to browse some of my favorite workout DVDs to help you keep up with your workouts at home!

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