How to Course Correct Your Life No Matter What Stage You’re In

No matter who you are or where you come from, there will most likely come a time in your life when you are feeling called to make a big, scary change. This might be ending a relationship, changing professions, or in the case of our family, downsizing our house and taking a chance on a life with more freedom. While many of us will feel called to make these changes, the truth is, not all of us will answer the call. The reason is that big change, well, it’s scary and it’s risky. I saw a movie once that referenced the devil and that he wouldn’t openly lead us to a tortuous life that was painful and awful. Instead the temptation would be in a cushy, comfortable life that we are too afraid to leave. When we can stay comfortable where we are, we don’t risk failure, but we just might be risking living a life disconnected from our purpose. So, if you’re feeling called to change, if you’re ready to course correct your life, or if you’re still tiptoeing on the fence, this message is for you!