Finding Simplicity After Adopting Three Children from Foster Care

I never thought I would be a “minimal” type person. I have always loved doing all the things and have a house full of treasured possessions that I have collected over the years. But that all changed for me 5 years ago. 

To give you a little framework for what my life was before, my husband and I were DINKs, dual income, no kids.

He works in tech and I had a marketing business that employed three women and took up lots of time. I was also publishing books with a writing partner and working on my online marketing. Oh, and we had two dogs and a cat. Life was great!

I had time to take trips to Vegas a couple of times a year, attended marketing conferences, and flew around the world to give speeches about marketing!

And then we decided to adopt one child from foster care. The process took a couple of years and at the end of we wound up adopting THREE kids from foster care.