12 Small Steps to Break Your Shopping Addiction Cycle for Good

I am a self-proclaimed recovering shopaholic. It’s not a fun term or something that sums up the fact that I love shopping. The older (and wiser) that I have gotten, the more I have come to realize that shopping addiction is a very real thing. Tom loves spending nice days walking around the outlet mall by our house and honestly, I fear going there every. single. time. He’s the kind of person who really likes to shop around and make sure what he buys is exactly what he wants. Which is great. The downside is that if I sit there long enough waiting for him to make up his mind, eventually, my eyes start to wander the clothing racks. There has been more than once where I run around the store filling my arms with clothes and shoes when I had no intention of purchasing anything. Does this sound like you? If so, I have 12 super simple, small steps to help you break your shopping addiction. They have worked for me and I’m confident they can help you as well.