An Open Letter to That Stay at Home Mom Who Dreams of More Than Motherhood

I never thought I would be here. My dreams never included staying at home. In fact, my dreams didn’t even include children for a very long time. Yet, here I am, not only staying home but homeschooling my kids. Who am I? Did I always dream of motherhood? Am I an introvert who loves the comfort of her home? No. I’m just a woman who fell in love with her children and wants the absolute best for them. A woman who decided to skip the high cost of daycare and be a part of my kid’s day to day life. But, I have a secret too. I need more than motherhood. I need more than all the wonderful things being a mom has to offer. I’m a stay at home mom who dreams of more than motherhood. If you’re nodding your head along in agreement, then this letter is for you.