How We Paid Off Over $1,200 of Debt in One Week: the Side Hustles That Helped Us Out

Debt. Blah. I am so sick of it. It’s funny how when you start paying attention to something after years of ignoring it, it finds a way of working its way into your brain. After saving up $1,000 in a few weeks to help pay for our vow renewal, I started seeing how easy it was to money to pay off debt. While we have only been working on our final $10,000 of debt for a few months, we have been consistently paying it off (with a plan) for years. I am so ready to be done. I want financial freedom, I want a patio, I want to travel. Finally, I decided I’d had enough. In one week we paid off over $1,200 of debt and I want to tell about the side hustles that helped us do it!