Vow Renewal and Vacation Under $1K and We Paid in Cash

Ten years ago I got married and tried to have an inexpensive wedding. Somehow we spent well over $10,000 on everything. Thank goodness that was in the years before Pinterest, or I can’t even imagine how much my DIY budget would have spiraled out of control. Entering life together we weren’t working to save money, we were deep in debt. As our ten year anniversary snuck up on us, I kept having this strong feeling that told me I needed to do a vow renewal. My dad had passed away years before we got married and his ashes were scattered near a lighthouse up north. Every time I imagined renewing my vows there I would start crying. Because we are still aggressively working to save money and pay off our debt, I wanted to make sure our vow renewal was on a budget. We managed to keep it all under $1k and we paid in cash. So, naturally, I want to share with you exactly how we did it.