Can I Afford to Get Out of Debt?! How to Find That Extra Money to Get You Started.

Debt. Chances are it is running you dry, ruining your life and yet somehow you can’t seem to shake it. Trust me, I’ve been there. In fact, I started to think it was a normal thing to rack up debt and then pay it off. I thought having credit cards was actually beneficial. If you’re not sure where you’re at, you can check your FICO credit score to find out. When I think back on the crazy amounts of money I wasted all while staying in debt, I could kick myself. Most days I spend wishing I could go back in time and change it all, but I can’t. Neither can you. No matter what your financial situation is, you’re in it. Wishing to change the past won’t work, so let me tell you what will. I’ll share your exact steps to save money, get out of debt and say out for good. These steps may not seem easy; they aren’t, but sometimes you’ve got to push your comfort zone in order to see the results you crave.