6 Reasons You Should Downsize Your Home

When my husband and I talked about our dream home, we envisioned many things, like a log house, old farm plantation house, your typical suburban house, etc. The idea to downsize your home never came to mind. In fact, it is only due to a stepping stone in our plan of building our dream home that we ended up living in a 600 square foot shop apartment. Our previous home was just over 1,400 square feet; perfect for raising a few children, one day.

I will be honest. Downsizing seemed like the WORST idea! I fought and fought for a different plan, but when we put pen to paper, it was the best option for us. It took us two months to build our shop and add our apartment into it. I dreaded the day we moved into it because I knew it meant I really had to downsize our things. I had already begun that process, but a lot more had to go for us to fit into our new home.

It was not until I finished decluttering all of the excess we owned that I saw the value in downsizing. The eye-opening process of recognizing what was actually excess and causing a lot of unnecessary stress in our lives was unfathomable! It took several months to declutter it all, but for the first time in my life, I felt free! The burden of our possessions no longer existed, and both of our lives changed dramatically! Continue reading “6 Reasons You Should Downsize Your Home”