19 Rich People Who Choose to Live With Less

You know how there are a few random memories that stick around from childhood? Well, one of mine is my dad telling me about a really rich guy he knew. We pulled into the driveway of an average sized American home (probably even below average.) My dad looked up at the house and told me he knew a really wealthy man that lived in a house just like this one. He said this guy had so much money but he lived like he was poor. It was something he didn’t understand and the seven year old in me didn’t get it either. Why not buy a big, huge mansion like Minnesota’s famous Glensheen? (My childhood…and adult…obsession.) Now that I’m an adult, I understand why this man lived like this…so that he could stay wealthy and live simply. I can’t say for sure if he was one of the penny pinching people who hoard their cash or if he just chose to live a more simple life. I prefer to think the ladder. Our society these days doesn’t often see wealthy people living just like the rest of us; or does it? Do we walk amongst millionaires each day and have no idea because they decided to just be “regular” people? Probably. But the celebrity house tours only want to show you the $20 million dollar mansions. When walking the red carpet, most people are decked out in designers. These are the images we see the most. Wealth being used extravagantly. However, there are a big chunk of rich people who choose to live with less. Big names in Hollywood and beyond have made the choice to live simpler lives and use their money for better things. So let’s talk about these lesser known celebrities.