38 Things you might not be budgeting for, but should

We have been budgeting for about 5 years now and our first budget was really not great. We tried, we definitely thought we were doing our best but there was still so much we were missing out on. It’s no wonder we continued to struggle financially. Now that we have a good handle on our budgeting, it’s crazy to think about all those little things that would jump up and bite us in the butt (financially speaking) but we never took the time to change our budget for them. This is how it goes for a lot of people. After subtracting your bills, you think you’re all done budgeting. In reality, you have only spoken for a portion of your total budget. After sitting down to budget, if you don’t find yourself with a balance of $0 then you’ve missed something. Every single cent should have a place. It’s like doing the laundry, you don’t just put away your work clothes, the important ones, and just leave the rest in a pile on your floor and call it a day. Well, maybe you do; but you should definitely not do this with your money! So what are some things you might not be budgeting for, but you should?