Small Kitchen Declutter and Storage Solutions

There are two huge downsides to being a cook-from-scratch kinda girl. Number one, downsizing is hard because you want to keep everything. Number two, keeping everything makes functioning in your kitchen way more difficult. Well, let me tell you, that minimalist diet is no joke. Once you start downsizing one area of your life, the other areas that used to trouble you tend to follow suit.

You guys have already been introduced to my kitchen pantry in my post Whole 30 No Processed Food Pantry but today I’m going to break it down even more. I’ve got the best kitchen declutter and storage solution ideas for you. They will help keep your kitchen clutter free and easy to work in.

The best way to improve the function of your kitchen and your life is to get intentionally organized. So many people think organization is all about the right containers or storage systems, when in reality the thing that is going to give you the biggest home makeover is to declutter and then organize. So here’s how to get started: