Man Approved Vegan Meatball Sub

This vegan meatball sub is truly a dream for any vegetarian or vegan. They are easily made gluten free and vegan in themselves. If you choose to, you can top them with vegan cheese rather than regular.

I originally started making this meatball recipe for my family on top of spaghetti which. That was delicious, but let’s face it, there is something amazing about a meatball sub! When Tom and I were both trying to eat more of a vegetarian/vegan diet, these were a must have. When we think of subs or big sandwiches, we tend to think of something loaded with really yummy meats. This is the perfect alternative version for someone trying to stick with Meatless Monday or just stick with a more veggie heavy diet.

I totally recommend them as a sneaky way to get your kids their veggies too. These meatball subs are something my daughter, Kaida still requests and Tom too! For some reason our little man is not as big of a fan. He’s also not a big fan of meat…like even in tacos! Which is scary. Kind of concerned about that one. But, maybe that’s just a testament to how great these “meatballs” really are!

They also make a ton (Between 20-25) so you should be good to go on leftovers! However, the occasional second helping has been known to happen at our house. Check out the links at the bottom for some of my recommended products to use to make this yummy dish!