10 Serious Downfalls About a Healthy Lifestyle

10 Serious Downfalls About a Healthy Lifestyle

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What a seriously depressing topic, right? I was inspired after reading a post by Alex at Fitnancials.com called The Harsh Reality of Owning a Fitness Blog. It was all about people’s harsh words toward her when they didn’t think her fitness was fit enough. The fact that she lost weight while taking care of herself and bettering her health never crossed their minds apparently. While there are so, so, so many benefits to eating well and living a healthy lifestyle, the truth is, there are some serious downfalls as well. I have read posts that have similar titles to “10 Serious Downfalls About a Healthy Lifestyle” but their reasons are always a little shifty. 1. It’s so hard getting new clothes once you lose weight and get your 6 pack abs! –Uhh, no, no, that all sounds great and you’re just tricking people into reading this. Not cool, ma’am, not cool. So I’m going to break it down and get real, 10 Serious Downfalls About a Healthy Lifestyle. 

1. Hangovers. From food. Yeah.

This is partially an age thing and partially a healthy eater thing. Gone are the days when my friends and I would close down Dominoes, head home, have a few beers, get 4 hours of sleep and then get donuts in the morning. Just reading that little menu gives me a headache. These days if I have fried foods 2 days in a row I turn into an un-cute version of a zombie mom. I get achy from my head to my toes. My body is so used to being treated like a temple, it doesn’t appreciate it when I treat it like a frat house. Even though I really didn’t. Have you seen what frat guys eat? My french fries and fried chicken are child’s play compared to that craziness. Yet, here I am being punished. I do feel so much better eating well, having energy and all around feeling good about myself.

2. You become a zoo animal when you have a chip in your hand.

No, I’m not saying I start eating like a crazed animal when I finally get junk food. I’m saying I’m the prime focus of all the people watching. I went to a child’s birthday party and enjoyed some chips and dip. Another woman there just stared, trying to keep her jaw shut. She was amazed at the idea that I actually ate food like that. No, I don’t eat like this every day but yes, I do enjoy these snackier foods. Of course on social media I’m going to share my yummy, colorful foods…those are the prettiest. No one wants to see me binge eating potato chips in my sweats on Saturday night. It’s just not as cute. Nonetheless, I promise, it happens.

3. You’re the next big fad diet.

When I went vegetarian/vegan everyone thought I was trying to lose weight. . . ? Nope. When I realized my gluten intolerance everyone thought I was trying to lose weight. . . wrong again. Choosing a healthy lifestyle isn’t something I have punished myself with in order to drop a few pounds. It’s something I choose to do so that I am able to feel better every day. Having a smaller frame anyway, I have not lost a single pound, sorry to break it to you. Doesn’t mean I’m bailing on this whole clean eating thing. If you do choose a healthy lifestyle to lose weight, great. Might I suggest doing it just for the sake of feeling better? Doing anything that helps you be more in tune with your body is always a good idea and the weight loss will just be an awesome perk.

4. You’re also anorexic.

Naturally, if I’m a healthy eater that must mean I eat a cube of cheese and celery on the side, right?

“Well, I don’t eat anything. And right before I feel like I’m going to faint, I eat a cube of cheese.” -Devil Wears Prada

Emily Blunt. The Devil Wears Prada.

This is even worse for those who do lose weight eating a healthier diet. “You look so thin.” isn’t always said as a compliment anymore. Sometimes it might even turn into “You look sick.” Really there is no winning. If you’re too big people are concerned, you drop some weight and people are concerned. You’ll never, ever be able to please everyone. Sometimes it’s tough just trying to please anyone. So just remember do what feels right for you. Do what makes you feel healthy and let the rest of the world criticize. I bet they’ll get bored eventually.

5. Cooking 101…again.

When I started actually eating vegetables, I had to learn how to actually cook vegetables. This started with learning how to make veggie pizza…then fajitas. The most vegetables I had been used to eating was corn on the cob. If you’re not used to steaming veggies or seasoning them, then a healthy lifestyle may require you to re-learn everything you thought you knew in the kitchen. You catch on though, I promise. Feel free to scope out some of my recipes. Although most of them are desserts. Because…yum.

6. Grocery shopping. 

I truly can’t say that eating healthy actually costs more. I haven’t found that at all to be honest. What I can say is that you will be spending more time in the grocery store. You can’t just head down the freezer section and toss things into your cart. You will have to start strategizing, planning your meals and gathering a variety of ingredients. If you haven’t used something yet, you may have a tough time finding it. I once tried to buy an entire jackfruit because I didn’t know where else to find it. This is Christina from Fully Raw with her 40 pound jackfruit. Yeah, I tried to buy that whole. It was about $80. Then the people at Whole Foods told me they break it up into sections and I could just purchase a small chunk for only $10. Welp. Ok then. (Click on the photo to see Christina’s YouTube video about her jackfruit.)

Thank goodness more and more places are starting to get on-board with drive up groceries. Including Target. There are also a wide variety of online grocery stores that you can get all of your speciality items at reasonable prices. Thrive Market is a personal favorite of mine because they have the option to search gluten free, vegan, paleo or even mom options.

7. Going out to eat. Enough said. 

It never fails, any time we go out to eat my husband says, “Where do you want to go? I don’t know where you can eat.” Like I’m going to implode should we step into Applebees. Having dietary restrictions can be tough, but it’s not impossible. Besides, more and more places are hopping on board with having healthy options as well as gluten free or vegan friendly foods. Certain times I have even just ordered sides. Side of asparagus, side of mashed potatoes. If I’m being honest, you could just bring me 2 sides of mashed potatoes and all would be right with the world in my eyes. Don’t be afraid to get fancy with your ordering either. Just use your manors. If you want a pasta, but would like the chicken removed, just ask. A side salad is your only option (this happens a lot in small towns) ask for a bigger helping. More often than not, people are willing to work with you.

8. You’re a food snob now. Yup.

People will get irritated when you pass on certain foods. Again, because they feel it’s their place to judge your choices. Even more, people will feel like you are judging them for theirs. So don’t. I know friends have panicked when they know I’m coming over, because they are hoping they prepared foods to my liking. They are worried I’m going to judge them for having processed foods in their house or sugary desserts. Don’t worry, read #2 again.

9. You become a speed eater.

This one is quite true. If you are filling your house with fresh fruits and vegetables, you best believe you’ve got to eat them all, and fast. This is when meal prepping can come in handy big time. For example, I just bought 3 bunches of bananas and then made a triple batch of my 3 ingredient waffles and some protein pancakes. Now I have one bunch of ripe bananas and 1 bunch of green bananas. Hopefully the once the ripe ones have been eaten, the green ones will be ready to go and I don’t have 6 bananas turning brown on my counter. But, if I did I could just whip up some banana bread, right?

Good news here, there are a ton of awesome products to help make your food last longer!

10. Now you really can’t eat anything.

Eating a healthy diet and living a healthy lifestyle kind of acts as a body detox. When your body detoxes, it starts to be more aware of what doesn’t work. Usually this means gluten or dairy. Which can be tough. The way I see it, it would have been far worse continuing down the path I was on and not being aware of the damage certain foods were doing to my body. Luckily for you, I posted a good gluten free starter  post a while back. Just like everything else it really is a matter of taking it slow, not stressing and dealing wit things as they come at you.

That’ll do it.

There it is, the total truth. Keep in mind, I wouldn’t ever go back to the way I used to eat. Despite the few downfalls of a healthy lifestyle, the upsides are way better. Feeling great and being healthier are definitely on my bucket list. Plus I want to live long enough to be able to scratch some other things off my list as well. (wink, wink)


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  1. Angie | 22nd Oct 17

    These are all so true. Sometimes it feels like you just can’t win when you eat healthy. Moderation, and knowing what and when, all key. Great read.

    • heartsoulwhole@gmail.com | 22nd Oct 17

      Absolutely! Thank you!

  2. Mandi Em | 25th Oct 17

    Omg I identified with this list SOOO much. Too much ? love it thanks for sharing

    • heartsoulwhole@gmail.com | 25th Oct 17

      Good! I’m glad it’s not just me!! lol

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