Does More Money Mean A Better Life? True Stories That Say Otherwise.

Actress Bo Derek once said that whoever said money can’t buy happiness didn’t know where to shop. There are people in this world who probably would agree with her. But is that statement true? Does having more money really mean having a better life? The experiences of some folks who got rich certainly say otherwise.

Dear Minimalists, Some People Need the Stuff. There, I said it.

When I first started my minimalist journey, I was hanging out in a lot of minimalism centered Facebook groups and one of the big conversations that would stir within these groups were frustrations with family members who would buy gifts for them or request gifts. Since we’re inching closer to Christmas time as I write this article, I felt like I needed to put in my two cents on the matter — because that’s what the internet needs, more people loudly stating their opinions. (JK) My hope is that this will give you a slightly shifted perspective on gift giving, stuff, and being patient with how others choose to live and give.

Ultimate Pumpkin Recipe Guide for Fall: 30 Breakfast, Dinner and Dessert Recipes!

Confession: I am not a pumpkin spice latte obsessed lady. That doesn’t mean I am not a sucker for a good pumpkin recipe. In the name of variety (and pumpkin), I decided to compile a grand list of recipes that are all pumpkin-filled deliciousness. Ranging from easy-to-make pumpkin breakfast bites all the way to pumpkin pastas! Who knew? The best thing about pumpkin is it can go from savory to sweet with a simple change of the spices and both options are absolutely ahhhmazing! So, without further ado, (I doubt you’re still reading anyway), I give you 30 pumpkin recipes for fall…

How to Transition from a Gift Giving Christmas to an Experience Christmas

As far back as I can remember I have loved the idea of waking up Christmas morning and announcing to our family that we are flying out somewhere amazing. I think it all stemmed from seeing another mom do this with her kids. Without realizing it, I have always been someone who leaned more toward experiences over things. Now that our kids are getting older, and are less interested in toys, I’m feeling the pull toward big experiences more than ever. In fact, last year, we opted for a hotel up north and played games and ate sushi in our PJs. It was awesome and the kids loved it. So, if you are hoping to shift away from the endless stream of presents and toys, here is a starter guide for making the shift into ditching the gifts for the getaways.

Vices: Why We Have Them and What They Stop Us From

I was recently listening to the audiobook of Breaking the Habit of Being Ourselves by Dr. Joe Dispenza and he got on the topic of vices. Of course, being a practicing minimalist, this is always a topic that peeks my interest. Vices are something I talk about specifically in my Shopping Rehab course and is something I get asked about a lot. Taking the time to uncover our vices – because as weird as it sounds, we sometimes don’t even realize we have them.