I Followed My Intuition for 60 Days. Here’s what happened.

One of the most difficult things any of us can try and do in life is decipher between what we intuitively are lead to and what our brain makes us believe we should do. At least it has been for me. It can be so easy to mix up the things we believe we are supposed to do or the most logical things with what our heart instinctively knows is right for us. Despite the difficulty of actually trusting intuition, I have come to find that whenever I have allowed myself to follow my intuition things go smoothly, life feels purposeful and easy and I am far more content. With a determination to really test out intuition and to see if that whole, “Let go and let God” thing actually works, I decided to spend the last 60 days getting really intentional about listening to and following my intuition. Here’s how I did it, what I learned and what the plan is from here…

What is Enoughism? 7 Areas of your life to begin practicing it.

I recently heard about Enoughism on a podcast episode of The Minimalists. The concept of enoughism seemed kind of…obvious to me since it is basically what I have considered myself to be practicing with minimalism, however, I felt like maybe it deserved a little further look into. What I came across was the realization of just how much we as a human race would benefit from simplifying our lives and recognizing when enough is enough. For so long, I had focused on all the areas of minimalism that you normally hear about: clothes, shopping, home size, etc. Upon further investigation of enoughism, it turns out, we are over-consuming big time. I’ve laid out 7 areas of over-consumption that we are all most likely struggling with or affected by and have dropped some ideas on how we might be able to apply enoughism to these areas in order to create more contentment.

Total Guide for New Mompreneurs. How to start your business from home!

In the 20th century and before, most women didn’t even have a choice between a career and family. Their only job was to take care of the kids and household. In the last 50 years, women could choose between the two. However, nowadays, you don’t have to make such a hard decision. You can be a mompreneur!

What does that mean? Mompreneurs are moms who take care of the kids while running their own businesses! Since remote work and work from home are getting increasingly popular, you’ll have no issue balancing between the two most important aspects of your life. So, how can you start your dream business?

Why We Ignore Our Intuition and How to Develop it More

I interviewed multiple women at the end of 2020 and one consistent thing that I heard from them was that they were aware of their intuition but chose to ignore it. That’s crazy to think, isn’t it? While I believe we all have intuitive nudges in our bodies, rumor has it that women have a heightened sense of these things. (I’ve never been a man, so I can neither confirm nor deny this.) We have been given this amazing gift and yet we ignore it because we have been trained to tune out our inner guidance system from the day we are born. Well, in a burst of inspiration (wink, wink), I decided to see what happens when I completely followed my intuition. Will my life really transform the way they say it will?

10 Signs That You Are Burnt Out and Need to Recharge

Have you ever had a moment where you take a shower and end up just breaking down in a big mess of snot and tears and you have no idea why? If so, keep reading, this is probably for you. If you have been one of the blessed ones to never experience something like this, tell me…what’s that like? Thankfully, these episodes happen less and less for me and the reason is, I have gotten really good at recognizing when I need to take a friggin’ break. Here are 10 signs that I have noticed are a pretty good indicator that I am burnt out and majorly in need of a break. (The sobbing uncontrollably in the shower one is just a bonus tip.)