Backpacking in the 21st Century – Technology in the Wilderness

“Getting away from it all” means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For some, it may mean getting away from screens. For others, it just means looking at the screens you want to, instead of the screens you have to, surrounded by all the natural beauty you can find.

Since everyone seeks solace in nature differently, we’re looking at some of the most tech-forward camping gear out there. Some of this gear makes the camping experience more streamlined. Some reduce the environmental impact of backpacking. And some of it’s just plain cool, and that’s worth mentioning, too!

5 Account Automated Budget System to Boost Savings and Improve Credit

It has been a hot minute since I have talked about budgeting methods and a big reason is, we’ve shifted the way we budget in a big way. Since I was such a proud member of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace community, I almost felt a shame after switching my budgeting practice to be a little different than dear, old, Dave’s. However, after walking a friend through how to set up a budget, it occurred to me that I need to share this with more people! Here is a breakdown of the 5 bank accounts we have (trust me, it’s not that complicated) and how we use them to budget less and boost our credit.

How to Create Your Own Self-Help Routine for Success

There is a ton of information about self-help on the shelves these days. Right? So much so that your mind just might explode from the massive amount of information consumption. What this over-load of info can lead to is people repeatedly trying different tactics and techniques that leave them living in a total state of chaos. So how are you supposed to know what information to try and what self-help strategies just won’t work for you? I’ve broken down some ideas on how to tap into what works for you so you can create your own self-help routine.

My Stylish, Comfy Work from Home Minimalist Uniform

I recently shared on TikTok that I have a minimalist “uniform” that I wear. Now, let’s be clear, this isn’t something I planned on happening. It just sort of, happened. There was a big response to the post with people chiming in with how much they love their own uniforms. Amidst those comments were even more comments asking for specifics about mine. Since we are living in a time where work at-home style is all the rage, I decided to share the specifics about my go-to outfit as a work at home entrepreneur.

Build a Minimalist Uniform Wardrobe Based On Your Personal Style

It recently dawned on me that I very much have a uniform. Trust me, this wasn’t something I planned on having happen. As someone who used to struggle with a shopping addiction, the idea of every simplifying my wardrobe or owning less was a ridiculous idea. However, I have come to terms with the fact that I am someone who has officially created a uniform without even knowing it. And honestly, I think more people are ready to hop on board. If you’re hoping to build a more uniform style minimalist wardrobe, here are 5 steps to get you started.