Practical Gym Survival Tips for Women Going for the First Time

There is nothing more intimidating than walking into the gym for the first time, especially if you have never been there before. Yes, you want the benefits of working out, but stepping foot into the gym for the first time kind of feels like you’re a new kid in school and you’ve got head gear and acne. It feels like everyone is staring at you and you just want to find somewhere where you can blend into the background so no one will notice you. Maybe you’ve already stepped foot into a gym before and this is exactly how it felt, if so, these tips are meant to be your total survival guide.

5 Easy Hair Hacks to Get Beautiful Locks on a Budget

We all want healthy, shiny, long, and voluminous hair. But the cost of salon visits and hair
products can add up quickly, eventually draining your budget. The good news is that there are
some easy hair hacks to get that long and luscious celebrity hair without breaking your budget.
Here are five tips to get gorgeous hair without spending a fortune on expensive products and
salon trips.

Manifestation Methods: Can You Actually Fake it Til You Make It?

We have all heard the term fake it til you make it. If you haven’t heard of this yet, this is a phrase that is used to help encourage people to do hard things in life. Things that they might feel apprehensive about or have a lot of self doubt about. There is definitely some truth to this phrase, in some senses you can fake it until you make it, however, there are definitely things to consider first. In this article we’ll talk about the major pitfalls of faking it and what steps you can take to build real confidence.

5 Reasons Minimalists Are More Likely to Be Millionaires

If you are like most of us, there is a good chance that you grew up with the misconception that just because someone had a lot of nice stuff, they were probably rich. Not to burst your bubble or anything, but this isn’t always the case. Sure, there are those rockstars and famous actors who managed to keep their fame and fortune…and private jet. However, the majority of people who manage to make millionaire status do so by also rocking a minimalist lifestyle. So how do these little lifestyle changes allow for additional money flow and what can you do to begin incorporating them into your life for a little more moola? Well, lemme tell ya…

Why Your Self Help Books Are Making You Feel Worse

The self help genre of books have been dominating book store shelving for the last few decades. You can barely enter a coffee shop without someone pouring over the book that “changed their life.” However, there is a whole other group of people who pick up these books, read a few pages and then sink into a pit of despair. If these books are designed to enhance our lives, why do some of us have this reverse effect? Here we’ll cover the reasons why those self help books might be making you feel bad and what you can do to use self help the right way.