Stress Free Minimalism Tips: Have Minimalism and Your Stuff Too

Stress Free Minimalism Tips: Have Minimalism and Your Stuff Too

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone anymore but I absolutely love being a part of the minimalist movement. When we first started downsizing over a year ago, I started seeking out other like-minded people. I read books, joined Facebook groups and watched fun tiny house documentaries. What I like to call The Minimalist Diet is really an entirely new, less stress way of living and I adore it. However, like I do with most things in my life, I found a way to add stress. Yes, the less-stress way of living, I made extremely stress-full. I am here to save you from that same fate. I have some great stress free minimalist tips to ease your mind and allow you to downsize with as little worry as possible.

There are no rules.

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One thing I found after watching documentaries and reading all the downsizing books, I started to feel like I had way too much stuff. Despite having downsized our home and all our things, it seemed like I was never doing enough. I sure wasn’t headed toward tiny house status. Why wasn’t I ready for a tiny house? Can I call my self a minimalist in a regular sized house? 

Am I the only person this crazy?

Don’t answer that. I went through the same thing with veganism. If I have cheese on a cracker, I can’t call myself a vegan. If I’m not a vegan, then I must totally hate animals. Well, as you know, I got over that: Vegan Diet and Why I Had to Quit. Just like I got over it with minimalism.   

So I’m here to tell you to throw out the “rule book.” There is no outline for what is required to be a minimalist.

I recently attempted the 333 Challenge and let me tell you, after a few weeks, I was about ready to lose it! I love having variety in my wardrobe and that’s ok. It doesn’t mean possessions run my life. It doesn’t mean I can’t call myself a minimalist. It just means that I am choosing to keep things in my life that bring me joy. Which is the whole purpose in the first place. So if you have a serious crush on your shoe collection, that’s ok. If your collection of model cars brings you joy, then keep them around!

Minimalism doesn’t have a deadline.

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If you decide the minimalist way of life is for you, if you love the idea of a tiny house, it doesn’t mean you have to go from a 5,000 square foot home into a 900 square foot trailer to be successful at it. We downsized our house over a year ago and I have repeatedly had to re-downsize. Then, like I said, with my wardrobe, I up-sized again. Well, I didn’t really up-size, I just didn’t force myself to downsize where I wasn’t ready to.

Who knows, maybe someday I will end up living in a portable tiny home. Please God let it be after the kids move out, because heaven knows Mama can’t take that kind of smothering. I do know it doesn’t have to be today or even in the next 10 years. What I do know is that minimalism has cleared my mind and my house. I wake up happier and for today, it works for me where I’m at. So give yourself patience and grace and know that this doesn’t have to be one drastic life change.

Keep the peace.

minimalist, minimalism, downsizing

If you find yourself stressed or feeling unsuccessful (as I did) then you’re doing it all wrong. Minimalism should be a peaceful, enjoyable experience so make sure to keep your peace.

Keep the things around you that make you happy. Hang the art that brings you the most joy. Wear the clothes that make you feel awesome each day. Collect what you want and let go of what doesn’t enhance your life. Minimalism is just choosing to surround yourself with all the right things and letting go of any minor distractions.

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