My Recommendations

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My Favorite Rebate Apps

BeFrugal – BeFrugal is an online resources for the best coupons around. Get a $10 credit here!

Dosh – Dosh is an app that links up to your credit cards (or qualifying debit cards) and gives you money back on purchases you make. It works like other cash back apps by refunding you money on qualifying purchases only you don’t have to keep track of anything! Get $5 for signing up!

Drop – Drop is an app that links to your cards and gives you cash back on some of the places you spend the most. My personal choices are: Target, Trader Joe’s, Chipotle, Whole Foods and Starbucks. Link a card and get $3!

Ebates – Ebates is another app that has tons of awesome discounts at restaurants, stores, online shopping and even on vacations! Get $10 for signing up!

Honey – Honey is a great app that you can use right on your internet browser to help find the best discounts on the internet! Just download Honey and when you’re online shopping, you will get notified of any potential savings!

Ibotta – With Ibotta you get paid for the things you already plan on buying in stores and online! Just select your purchases and snap a picture of your receipt when you’re done. Ibotta will instantly refund you your money! Get $10 right now.

National Consumer Panel – When you sign up for National Consumer Panel all you have to do is scan items you’ve purchased and then get rewards like gift cards!

Investing for beginners

Acorns – Acorns is an investing app for people who have never invested before and are not sure how to start. When you make purchases, Acorns will round up to the nearest dollar and literally invest your spare change for you! Get $5 to invest right now!

CD – By putting money into a CD with CIT Bank you can earn up to 2.5% interest! See all available options.

Smart Banking

Borrowell – Get a free credit score check if you live in Canada –that won’t affect your credit score!

Credit Assistance Network – See if you qualify for credit improvement! Your consultation is absolutely free!

The Loan Exchange – The Loan Exchange offers both personal and business loans. Get interest rates as low as 16%!

The best ways to save money

Digit – This app syncs up to your most used bank account and automatically saves you money for a rainy day, PLUS will help you avoid overdrafts! Get signed up!

High yield savings account – Open a high-yield savings account CIT Bank and get a 1.55% return on your investment.

Money market account – Open a money market account with CIT Bank to get a 1.85% return on investment.

Savings Builder – Get up t a 2.25% interest rate with CIT Bank by depositing only $100 per month into a Savings Builder account!

Budgeting tools and planners

The Fun Sized Budget Bundle – I created this budgeting bundle to be crazy easy for anyone who struggles to understand finances like I used to. All the worksheets are laid out very simple and don’t have a lot of “extras.” Get the bundle now.

Simplify + Planner – This amazing planner and organizer combo helps you keep track of all your important dates and more. Plus, you can customize it to exactly what you need! See the available options!

Ways to save on your monthly bills

Mohu – Getting a digital antennae through Mohu can save you thousands of dollars, plus they make it easy to connect through your entire house.

OhmConnect – OhmConnect is a company that gives you rewards for saving energy! They offer energy saving events to help you save on the cost of your energy bills and in some states will actually pay you for participating! See if you qualify!

Trim – This app takes a look at your spending habits and instantly finds different areas where you could be saving money! See where you could be saving.

Time savers

Instacart – Have someone do your shopping for you at your favorite stores with your exact grocery list! Sign up for Instacart.

Shipt –  Now available at Target, you can have someone personally hand select and deliver your groceries right to your front door! Check out Shipt.

PhilPharmacy – Stop dealing with doctors and making the trip to the pharmacy. You can now use PhilPharmacy to get your prescriptions delivered right to your door with no additional cost!

Side Hustle Ideas

AirBNB – Host your home, room, apartment or loft with AirBNB and starting bringing in another stream of income. Check the AirBNB calculator to find out how much people are earning in your area.

CrateJoy – Create your own subscription boxes for your business! From creating your own website to getting your subscription boxes sent out! There is a 2 week free trial with no credit card necessary!

Sell on Amazon – Check out this beginners guide to learn how to get started selling with FBA.

Instacart – Get paid to shop! Set your own hours and choose how involved you want to be! Get started today!

QKids – No degree? You might be in the clear. With QKids you can earn $16-$20 teaching English online and if you have experience with kids, you may qualify!

Rover – Watch dogs or walk dogs and get paid for it!! Or get a $20 credit for your dog!

SayABC – Earn up to $21 per hour, set your own hours, and teach English online! Apply today.

Uber – Become a driver with Uber. Set your own schedule and get paid up to 5 times her day along with chances for additional incentives in your city. Check it out!

UberEATS – Earn extra money when you need it, day or night and deliver food instead of people! Check if UberEATS is in your area.

VIPKid – If you have a bachelor’s degree you can make between $17 and $22/hr by teaching English online in over 32 different countries!

Paid Survey Sites

iSay – iSay is a survey company that gives you rewards just for voicing your opinion! Take surveys, collect points and redeem for gift cards or shop at the iSay market. Get signed up!

Springboard America – Springboard America is a survey company that is interested in the learning more about the values, attitudes and taste of Americans. Get paid for your opinion!

MaruVoice – For those Canadians hoping to make some extra cash by voicing their opinions, sign up for MaruVoice.

Opinion Outpost – Opinion Outpost is a a survey site that pays you for your opinion! Get started now!

Helpful organization tools

Decluttr– Decluttr is a super easy online way to sell your unused things to get the maximum amount of money! Start selling your stuff with Decluttr.

The Paperless Home – The Paperless Home guides you step by step through how to start clearing paper clutter and getting all your most important files stored across your devices so they are easily accessible at your finger tips no matter where you are! See available options!

Simplify + Planner – This amazing planner and organizer combo helps you keep track of all your important dates and more. Plus, you can customize it to exactly what you need! See the available options!

Affordable Food

$5 Meal Plan – The $5 meal plan was created by a busy mother of 4 for other busy mother’s out there. Get budget friendly meals and grocery lists right now!

Brandless – Brandless cuts costs by cutting the brand labels. You can get FREE shipping on orders of $39 or more, plus a $6 credit right here.

Chewy – Get affordable pet food (and other products) and have them shipped to you automatically every month! – Get a $25 gift card for only $10 at some of your favorite places to eat near you.

My favorite blogging tools

Jetpack – Jetpack offers so many features to keep your site safe and secure. With backups, site monitoring and spam protection. Get protected now.

Tailwind – Tailwind is a great scheduling tool to help with your Pinterest posting and Instagram sharing. Get a 30 day free trial!

Travel on a budget

AirBNBGet $40 off your AirBNB stay by using my link and take advantage of the many affordable places to stay around the world.

Car Rental Booking Buddy – Get the best quotes on rental cars starting at only $8! Browse cars now!

Uber – Get safe and affordable rides to the biggest tourist locations all around the world. Sign up to be an Uber rider.

Best Affiliate Companies for Bloggers

Awin – Awin is a company that connects you with different brands that offer affiliate programs. You can simply search for different categories within your niche and get connected to a variety of affiliate programs that might interest you.

Share a Sale– Share a Sale is a great place to find a ton of affiliate programs that fit your niche.

Working with Brands for Bloggers

Linqia – Linqia is a great way to start working with brands. You fill out your profile and the brands come to you!

Top recommended blogging courses

Building a Framework – Building a Framework is the best course for getting a new blog up and running. I purchased Building a Framework early on in my blogging career and it completely changed the way I blogged. Abby teaches everything from how to start to how to start making a profit.

Food Blogger Pro – Food Blogger Pro is a terrific online course you can take that was created by the creators of Pinch of Yum. They have seen tremendous growth from their food blog and share all their knowledge with you to help you succeed as well.

Fun Sized Blogging Basics – Get all the information you need for getting a blog started without scouring the internet or paying a huge fee up front.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is a great way to create an income from your blog. So much so that one blogger shares her secrets to making over $50,000 a month from it!

Pinteresting Strategies – Learn the best methods for growing your Pinterest that no other blogger has talked to you about before! This helped grow my traffic huge AND it’s super affordable!

Pitch Perfect Live – Pitch Perfect is a course I took hosted by successful blogger, Jenny Melrose. She will walk you step by step through how to pitch to brands and what to do once you’ve got them.

Free courses

10 Day Blogging Quick Start – A 10 day course that teaches you step by step how to start a blog. Created by successful full time blogger Abby Lawson.

10 Easy Tips to Increase Your Affiliate Income – Just enter your name and e-mail and you will be enrolled in the course.

5 Day Blogging Bloopers – Al my personal blogging mistakes. Avoid making the same mistakes by taking my course.

Blogging Bloopers – Learn all my best/worst blogging mistakes so that you can avoid the same fate! Get started.

Brand Pitch Cheat Sheet – A helpful cheap sheet to get you started working on pitching to brands.

Choosing Your Perfect Niche Webinar – Choosing your niche can be tough as a blogger, here is a great way to get some serious guidance.

Everything You Need to Know to Start Selling on Amazon – 7 day free email course. See how this family supplemented their income and started earning over $100K per year.