Intuitive Eating Pitfalls to Avoid

Intuitive Eating Pitfalls to Avoid

Binge eating Intuitive eating Anorexia Healthy dieting Eating disorders and dieting are nothing new. I was a teenager during the Kate Moss time period when anorexia and bulimia were a huge cause for concern. It seemed like being thin was something everyone craved.

During this strive for weight loss, we sought quick fixes and lost site of naturally healthy food. Now we are in the dawn of a new eating disorder, binge eating. Binge eating is now even more common than  breast cancer.

It’s as if the stress of striving for an unrealistic body type, combine with all the new sugar laden diet foods spun us in a different direction entirely.

To accommodate this new worrisome disorder, a new form of diet has presented itself. The new craze now sweeping called intuitive eating. As a woman who struggled most of her adolescence with unhealthy eating and body image, I think getting to that place where we can eat intuitively and still maintain our health, can be a struggle.

Intuitive eating’s basic concept is just listening to your body without following any specific diet. No guilt and no body shaming are required essentials. While this concept is great, it can be tough for those who are already controlled by food. For example, sometimes my body tells me to eat an entire bag of Cool Ranch Doritos, usually during times of high stress. Does this mean it’s a wise choice? Definitely not, because it doesn’t take long before my body turns against me and I’m achy the entire next day. When my entire body responds in a negative way, it’s pretty tough not to feel guilty. Especially when one of those responses is bloat, it makes it harder to love my body and feel comfortable in my own skin. 

Don’t get me wrong, like I said, I love the basic concepts of intuitive eating, I just think it can be quick to slip up and fall into bad, self defeating habits. Especially for those who are already having a tough time keeping eating under control.

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What Your Poo is Saying About You: How Diet Can Help

What Your Poo is Saying About You: How Diet Can Help

Yep, we’re going to get real down and dirty today. It’s been on my mind a lot, and I’ve tried to deny it, but it’s time. Time to talk about poop. This is not a topic anyone wants to readily discuss, but when it comes to you diet and health, this information is crucial. There are so many issues today like IBS, dairy and gluten intolerance. If you are one of these people; learning about whats going on in your body could be helped by keeping your eye on what’s coming out

People often see overweight people and assume they are unhealthy. This isn’t always the case, however. It doesn’t matter what shape or size, you can still have serious underlying health issues.

One major way to make yourself aware of these issues is through poo.

It seems so simple really; what comes out represents what goes in. If your poop is coming out in an unhealthy way, chances are something unhealthy is going down in your digestive tract. No matter what’s coming out, chances are you have some form of leaky gut going on.

Leaky Gut Symptoms

poop-IBS-gluten-intolerance-diet-healthThis is a condition that affects the lining of the intestines. Damage that is done over time to the lining of the intestine essentially breaks down their ability to filter properly. This can cause waste that would normally be absorbed into your system to instead “leak” out into your blood stream.

Scary thought isn’t it?

Leaky gut can lead to an array of autoimmune reactions such as bloating, diarrhea, constipation, headaches, brain fog, tiredness, joint pain and skin problems. It’s also believed that having a leaky gut can either cause or trigger certain autoimmune diseases such as Celiacs, arthritis, and Chrone’s.

One symptom you don’t hear about too often but I find incredibly interesting is depression. Our enteric nervous system (ENS) located in the lining of our gastrointestinal is often referred to as our “second brain.”  This ENS connects directly to our brains. In other words, those gut feelings we’ve heard about our entire life are actually quite accurate. This is referred to as the brain-gut axis. Our brain and gut communicate about things like hunger, worry and stress. If you have ever noticed when you feel nervous you feel it in the pit of your stomach? That is your ENS hard at work.

So, naturally it makes sense that if something is off in this area of our bodies, our brain can just as easily be effected with a symptom like depression.

While I could go on about this, because it is something I am truly fascinated by, let’s continue to focus on what all these symptoms could mean should you experience any of them.

If you find yourself having one or many of these leaky gut symptoms, read on to find out how your poop could be offering up ideas on how to fix the underlying issues.

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