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Gluten Free Protein Pancake Recipe

Weight Loss Shakes: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Truth

Today I hesitantly joined a workout class that I have always been inconsistent with going to. I take insane amounts of mental preparation before I step foot in that door. I look for excuses not to go. Oh, it’s started 5 minutes ago. I’ll be too sweaty. What if I fart?  Then today I realized something, I am awesome at this class. I love this class. I hate cardio, but I love this class! It is an hour strait of cardio kickboxing moves and I thoroughly enjoy every second of it! So naturally, during some kicks and punches I started wondering why if I like this class so much, does it take so much for me to get psyched about it? Then I started thinking about weight loss shakes.

It brought me back to a skinnier time, when I just started attending this class; the time I was drinking weight loss shakes. It all became so clear to me that I just knew I had to share the wicked truth with anyone willing to listen. Now, I’m not going to just full on bash weight loss shakes, I will give it to you strait. Let’s talk about the good, the bad and the harsh reality that it took me a year to accept (and still keep working on.)

5 Foods to Make Healthy, Frugal Meals for Families

5 Foods to Make Healthy, Frugal Meals for Families

I have seen photos recently of people snapping pictures of their pantries and asking what they can use to create meals that will last and help stretch their budget. The truth is, our family has a few items that we consistently purchase in order to make healthy meals while still remaining frugal and sticking to our budget. I compiled a short list of the 5 foods my family buys in order to make meals that last without breaking our budget and I want to share them with you as well as some different recipe ideas to go along with it. So here are my top 5 foods to make healthy, frugal meals for families.