Decluttering a Room One Week at a Time

Decluttering a Room One Week at a Time

In my post 18 Practical Ways to Downsize and Simplify in 2018 I suggested slowly working your way through big changes one week at a time. Well, if downsizing or decluttering is one of your big changes then I have laid out a super simple day by day way to get some major decluttering done in only one week. A lot of stuff can accumulate over a lifetime…or even just a single year. Sometimes we take a moment to look back at all the stuff we have to get rid of and it’s easy to feel crazy overwhelmed. That’s why I think it’s best to just declutter one room one week at a time. Doing it this way takes a lot of stress off and has a powerful way to make you feel super accomplished. So let’s get to it.

Day 1 

Get 4 boxes ready. KEEP, SELL, DONATE, TOSS — Start working your way through your belongings and sorting items into their appropriate boxes. Not only will you have a full box to toss at the end of the day, this will also help clear your space so you can see exactly what you’ve got to work with.


If you come to a room that is filed with old paperwork or filing cabinets filled with important records and bills, I highly recommend getting a copy of the eBook: The Paperless Home. This quick read dives in deep to how to best keep all your important documents digital to not only clear clutter from your life, but also to make sure all your documents are always available right at your finger tips.downsized, declutter, declutter step by step, how to start decluttering, spring cleaning, declutter one room, declutter my house

Day 2 

Deep clean. Now that your space is hopefully cleared out pretty nicely, take the time to wash any sheets or bedding, pillows or cushions. Give the floor a vacuum or scrub down. Clean off any windows and dust away any cobwebs. A lot of time clutter stands in the way of a really good, deep cleaning. You have now given yourself the chance to get to those untidy places and get a totally fresh start on your room.

Day 3

Fixer upper. Today look around for any places in your room that need a little TLC. Holes in the wall, minor repairs or even add a quick face lift with a new coat of paint!

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Day 4 

Your space is clutter-free, cleaned up, touched up and ready for you to add your personal touches. Now that your room is fresh and ready, you can start putting back your KEEP items. You’ve given this space all your attention and as you go through your box, you may start to find some of your KEEP items are less appealing. If that’s the case, take a second to toss them in the DONATE box instead. This is your chance to create an intention for this space with the things you put into it. If you no longer see value in an item, it’s time to say “toodle-oo.”

Day 5 

Donate! Ok, you know what you want in your room, you’ve got the space perfect, and you can officially get rid of another box! You’ve worked your way through 3 of them! Whoop whoop! For any items you didn’t think you would be able to sell, just let them go and drop them by the nearest donation location.

downsized, declutter, declutter step by step, how to start decluttering, spring cleaning, declutter one room, declutter my house

Day 6 

Make some cold hard cash! I’m getting excited just typing this! It’s time to make some money off those things you were hanging onto for too long. There are places like Facebook Market that you are now able to sell easily online, however, I personally don’t like having to meet up or make arrangements with people in order to exchange. It can be a long process and wind up taking up a ton of your time for an item that may not really be worth it…but yet, you want the cash! I personally do one trip with any movies or books to our local Half Priced Books. You get money back for your stuff and even if they choose not to buy something, they still offer to take it off your hands for you. The other best option is going through Decluttr. Decluttr makes selling online super simple. Plus, shipping is always free!

Day 7 

Shipment day! Take today to ship off all your SELL items if you are going through Decluttr. Now you have OFFICIALLY cleared through 4 boxes of stuff and gotten one room back in shape! Hooray!

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Time to chill

Now is the best day of them all…the day you get to sit back and breathe in all of your hard work. Even when I was a kid I loved this time. There is something so soul calming about a clean room. This one clean room has the power to totally amp you up to continue on your decluttering journey and inspire you to keep on going!

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Dosh – Dosh is an app that links up to your credit cards (or qualifying debit cards) and gives you money back on purchases you make. It works like other cash back apps by refunding you money on qualifying purchases. Only you don’t have to keep track, it scans discounts and gives you money back automatically!

Declutter – Decluttr is a super easy online way to sell your unused things to get the maximum amount of money!

IBotta – IBotta is a totally free app that pays you $10 just for signing up. With this app you can get paid for the things you already plan on buying!

Love and Money – Online courses to help couples and family get finances together in order to stay together!

Paperless Home – The paperless home guides you step by step through how to start creating a home where all of your most important information can always be in one place and always at your finger tips!

Simplify + Planner – Abby Lawson from Just a Girl and Her Blog has a great and inexpensive planner to help you get intentionally organized. Starting a blog can be very overwhelming and getting a little organized can go a long way.

Target Debit Card – If you shop at Target as much as me, you should definitely get in on the debit card if you haven’t already. All it does is remove money from your regular checking account like a regular debit card, but saves you 5% on your purchases every time you use it!

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downsized, declutter, declutter step by step, how to start decluttering, spring cleaning, declutter one room, declutter my house


  1. Sarah | 30th Jan 18

    Ooh i want to read the Paperless Home now! I’m a minimalist but sometimes paper even gets the best of me.

    • | 30th Jan 18

      It is so well laid out and helpful. Paper is one I don’t do good with either! I’m quick to shove it somewhere to get it out of site but then can’t find anything when I need it! So I definitely need The Paperless Home.

  2. Jenny | 30th Jan 18

    Love the idea of taking it one day at time. You can see progress, but don’t get too overwhelmed. I love Half Priced Books. I knew that they would purchase some books, but didn’t know they would take all off your hands. I will have to make a trip there!

    • | 30th Jan 18

      Yup! I have never had a problem cleaning house with Half Priced Books! Plus you get to share books with other book lovers! It’s such a win/win.

  3. Sunrita | 30th Jan 18

    Great post with really useful tips! I am going to start from my attic and work down!

    • | 30th Jan 18

      Oofta! You are a brave woman. I love your enthusiasm.

  4. Keri | 30th Jan 18

    You make it sound pretty easy to declutter a room in one week. Thank you for all of the tips!

    • | 30th Jan 18

      Hopefully everyone finds ease in it!

  5. Ginger | 30th Jan 18

    Thanks for linking over to Decluttr – I am going to check that out!

  6. Melanie | 30th Jan 18

    This is such a great guide! I am totally going to use it before I start my spring cleaning.

  7. Amanda | 30th Jan 18

    These are such great ideas, and help to take the anxiety out of decluttering! Having a day by day break down is so helpful!

    • | 30th Jan 18

      So glad you like it, Amanda.

  8. Ashley | 30th Jan 18

    This is an amazing way to do it!! I have been decluttering and looking for new ways to keep motivated to do it… Loving this breakdown in one week! 🙂

    • | 30th Jan 18

      Absolutely! It can be overwhelming and I think it’s so easy to try to do too much at once and then burnout. That’s no fun.

  9. Hebah | 30th Jan 18

    These are some really great tips!! I need to get around to selling my stuff online – I have so much lying around that I don’t use!

    • | 30th Jan 18

      Same! Once I learned about Decluttr and checked them out I can’t WAIT to sell!

  10. Wendy | Life and Business with Wendy | 30th Jan 18

    I love this post. I’m a big fan of decluttering. I love focusing on one room at a time. I get such a sense of satisfaction and joy once it’s done.

    • | 30th Jan 18

      Me too! Almost kind of sad when I’m done haha.

  11. sonal | 30th Jan 18

    It’s one of my fav topic. Decluttering and organising. Ur post is absolutely right, a room one week at a time. I also do the same, one day i’ll organise wardrobe n other day i’ll organise my vanity. Easy to do and time saver. Thanks!

    • | 30th Jan 18

      Absolutely! Thank you.

  12. Heather | 30th Jan 18

    I read a great book about tidying that has made me so much better about not accumulating clutter. I’ve adopted the standard of “if you don’t love it or use it, it’s clutter”! Great post!

    • | 30th Jan 18

      That mindset can totally change everything! I love it.

  13. Jen | 30th Jan 18

    I’m definitely checking out the Decluttr site! So smart!

    • | 30th Jan 18

      They lay things out so nicely too!

  14. Chelsie | 30th Jan 18

    I need to do this! I love that you broke it down to do it a room at a time – I often feel like I need to do my whole house in one sitting and it just is TOO much to do that!

    • | 30th Jan 18

      I don’t think you’re alone in feeling that way.

  15. Nicole | 30th Jan 18

    I’m so overwhelmed by the decluttering process that my house NEEDS! Doing one room at a time until it is not only decluttered but also cleaned and fixed up is brilliant. I also really like your paperwork suggestions – I’ve started piling things on top of my filing cabinet because I don’t want to look inside! Gotta get it under control

    • | 30th Jan 18

      Personally fixing everything up just encourages keeping it clean and clear!

  16. Dani | 30th Jan 18

    Thanks for sharing this! It’s actually just what I needed to read. There’s only two of us living in a three-bedroom house and we’ve accumulated so much RUBBISH. I love the idea of the four boxes, keeping everything nice and defined.

    I think we might attempt this next week

    Dani x

    • | 30th Jan 18

      Hope it goes well!!

  17. Anissa | 30th Jan 18

    Awesome tips! Nothing like going home to a clean, organized home!

  18. Erin Haugerud | 30th Jan 18

    I love to de clutter! Makes life so much easier!!

  19. Rebecca | 30th Jan 18

    Clutter causes me stress. Learning to de-junk and live clutter free feels wonderful. You have some great tips and ideas. I like that you do it one week at a time as to not overwhelm. Nice post!

  20. TheHappyFoodKitchen | 31st Jan 18

    Right, this is printed and pinned on the board in the office which has been stacked with stuff since we moved in three years ago! I am determined this is the year we can actually get in there to work rather than on the kitchen table!!!!

    • | 31st Jan 18

      Hooray! You got this!

  21. Rhonda | 31st Jan 18

    Great post and awesome tips! I seriously need to declutter our office. We do horribly at purging old mail or just paperwork that’s sitting around.

    • | 31st Jan 18

      Check out The Paperless Home! It’s a great way to hang on to everything and still get it out of the house!

  22. Heather | 31st Jan 18

    What a great post with so many amazing tips! I can’t wait to get started organizing. This step-by-step makes it seem so simple.

  23. Valerie | 31st Jan 18

    I love this! Taking a room one week at a time is a wonderful idea. It seems to make it less daunting. I will definitely be putting these tips to use! Thank you!

    • | 31st Jan 18

      For someone who has done a lot of decluttering…yeah I think one room at a time is the best.

  24. ShootingStarsMag | 31st Jan 18

    Great step by step guide! Over the weekend I just went through a bunch of things in my room and DVDs to figure out what to keep, toss, or donate/sell. I now have quite a bit to bring to Half Priced Books too. 🙂

  25. Rachel | 31st Jan 18

    I just started to declutter my workspace and love your ideas as I am nowhere near finished yet! Love the feeling of being a little bit cleaned up though!

    • | 31st Jan 18

      Every little step is one step closer!! You got this!

  26. Erika | 31st Jan 18

    All of these tips are very important. My family moved last year, and I just didn’t realize how much we had accumulated until it was time to move. We live in an apartment now so we can’t hold onto things like we used to. If we aren’t using it then it is time to get rid of it.

    • | 31st Jan 18

      I understand that all too well! It’s so refreshing to really clear out the unnecessary!

  27. Sarah | 31st Jan 18

    Definitely going to need to look into the paperless home! It would be great to reduce the paper clutter more

  28. Dr. K. Lee Banks | 31st Jan 18

    Thanks so much, this is a great post! Clutter has controlled my life for FAR too long, as evidenced every time I look at photos taken around our home. There’s always a background of clutter and it’s depressing! I started doing some serious de-cluttering back during the first week of November, when we had a statewide power outage for nearly a week! Couldn’t do much else, so I made a large dent in clutter in various locations. Now I just need to continue and do so in a more organized manner, as you have outlined. Thanks!

    • | 31st Jan 18

      It makes you feel so great, doesn’t it? Good luck as you continue on!

  29. Cori - Sweet Coralice | 31st Jan 18

    I like this breakdown. A little at a time so I don’t get overwhelmed or want to throw EVERYTHING away at once! Pinned 😉

    • | 31st Jan 18

      haha exactly!!

  30. Indya | TheSmallAdventurer | 1st Feb 18

    I’m currently going through a de-clutter and reorganisation for the New Year, and I think I’m doing pretty well, but one thing I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do is go paperless! Technology is so unpredictable these days, I just couldn’t risk losing an important document! But they DO take up a lot of room, so it may be something I should look into 😅

    Indya || The Small Adventurer

  31. Kalyn | 1st Feb 18

    Such a great guide! I remember when I first started decluttering – this would have been so helpful! I’ll have to check out your other minimalism posts!

  32. Patricia @ Grab a Plate | 1st Feb 18

    This is a great step-by-step guide. I think about doing this and get so overwhelmed, but your “one day at a time” approach makes it easier! I’m going to check out Decluttr, too!

    • | 1st Feb 18

      Yes, definitely check them out! They are great when it comes to clearing out old electronics especially!

  33. Caitlin | 1st Feb 18

    Great list! I need to declutter so badly, but finding the time with a 3-month old is so challenging. Thanks for the great steps, though. I’ll get started on this Saturday (:

    • | 1st Feb 18

      Oh yes! Babies sure do have a way of making life a little bit tougher! Good luck to you!

  34. michaela | 1st Feb 18

    I love this so much! Thank you for making it seem easy and do-able; definitely want to tackle my house before our lil’ baby comes!

    • | 1st Feb 18

      Oh my goodness yes….now is a good time to do it!

  35. Danielle @ A Sprinkle of Joy | 1st Feb 18

    I love this so much!! I really need to go through all of my kids toys to do this. It’s so hard when you don’t know if you are done having kids yet or not…

    • | 1st Feb 18

      Oh yes…that is tough! Hopefully you can find a nice compromise!

  36. Bethany | 1st Feb 18

    I love your excitement in number 6! 😀 Such great ideas.

  37. Rebecca Rice | 2nd Feb 18

    Glad I found this article when I did! I now know what my husband and I are doing this weekend!!!!

    • | 2nd Feb 18

      Lucky hubby! Haha! It’s such a great feeling to get all that clutter out of your way!

  38. Amy - Loving Our Messy | 2nd Feb 18

    YES! This is exactly what I need. The clutter around our house is stressing me out but I’m feeling too overwhelmed to know where to start! Perfect post!

    • | 2nd Feb 18

      I’m so glad!! Happy tidying!

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