About Me

Renee, Heart Soul and Whole FoodHi there, I’m Renee. 

I am a wife and mom who has tried it all. Life is just so amazing, it has been hard to put my finger on just one way to enjoy it. Here is a list of my most recent job titles:

-Stay at home mom

-Fitness instructor

-Preschool teacher

-Dance instructor

-Professional photographer

-Graphic designer

-Holistic nutritionist

-Homeschool mom

and now…


Home Life

I started helping my husband, Tom raise his daughter (age 5 at the time) in 2006.  Tom was also caring for his daughter’s older sister who was no blood relation to him. –If you don’t come from the kind of family where a whole ton of family trees interweave, then ours might be tough to understand.– Basically I opened my heart to two girls who weren’t mine at all. Tom and I were married in 2008 and welcomed our two children in 2010 and 2011. It has been a wild ride ever since. Including beginning homeschool for our youngest kids, Kaida and Madden. Our oldest daughter’s MJ and Destiny have been the best big sisters I could have ever asked for Kaida and Madden to have. There is very little talk of “step” family in our house. Because to us, we just are family whether genes are involved or not.



Why blogging?

After getting my degree in graphic design, I started my own photography business while being a stay at home mom. During that time I also was a promoter for a fitness company that specialized in weight loss shakes. I made a killing while sharing fitness and workout tips. Being on that journey however, lead me deeper into  the realization that weight loss shakes are not at all the kind of optimal health I want for myself. So, I stopped promoting. I just couldn’t support or sell a product I truly do not believe in, no matter how good the income.

I started devouring all the information I could about clean eating, vegetable cooking and living holistically. In 2014 I became a vegetarian, which eventually lead me to the title of gluten free vegan. Not an easy title, let me tell you. I started studying to become a certified Holistic Nutritionist and loved every second of it.

I later found myself in a pickle after realizing that maybe an entirely meat free diet. Thankfully that journey to simplify my eating also introduced me to a simpler way of living.

In 2015 my husband Tom and I decided to downsize our beautiful large 3 level home into a cozy rambler that was over 2,000 finished square feet smaller. While I would happily move into a “tiny home” tomorrow, having 3 kiddos in the house makes that dream a little bit…crammed.

Downsizing also meant giving up my in-home photography studio. Because it is a career that required a lot of additional accumulation, I made the decision to get a fresh start in a career that was more suited to my new way of life.

Originally, I started my blog as a holistic nutritionist but I found that no matter how kindly I tried to word each post, people seemed to panic over the “right way” to do things. It started to feel like I was just telling people all the different ways they were failing at their health. In September, after visiting my ex step-dad, (see…there’s that tangled family tree again) who has been fighting terminal brain cancer, I took a blogging break. I cleared my head and got intentional about where I want to get in life. For years I have had this deep down feeling that writing was in my future, but I just wasn’t sure where. Now, I know it’s here. I am officially a full time blogger writing about all the ways people can work to simplify their life–no stress or diet plans necessary. Every post is intended to help you live a life of purpose, with less accumulation of the wrong things and more realization of what is right for you.

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