10 Smart Money Moves That Take 10 Minutes or Less

I recently wrote a post about 10 Simple Decluttering Moves that Take 10 Minutes or Less and naturally, I had to do one that is just as simple when it comes to your finances. It’s crazy to think how many times I would use 10 minutes as a way to instantly blow hundreds of dollars without even thinking about it. That seems so crazy now that I know  so many smart money moves to make in 10 minutes or less. I really wish I would have started making smarter money moves so much sooner. If you are wanting to improve your finances, but have no idea how to even get started, these are 10 must see tips that will help you make or save money in 10 minutes or less!

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Open a savings account (a better one!)Want to start making smart money moves? Use these 10 money moves that only take 10 minutes or less! See how to get more money and fast!

It’s a scary thought that half of Americans don’t have any money put away for retirement and most of them don’t even have $1,000 in the bank. Unfortunately, this was us too long ago. Even if you do have a savings account, there is a good chance that you are not using the right one!

The average amount people earn in interest from their savings account is .08% which isn’t much. If you have $5,000 in your bank, you might only be earning around $4 per year (or less) from it.

Compare that to a high yield savings account with CITBank and you’re looking at making $78 with a 1.55% return.

While $78 may not seem like a lot, consider the fact that if you put in only $100 per month for 10 years and allow this money to gain interest, you’ll be looking at almost $19,000 in the bank! That’s around $6,000 made from interest alone!

The best part is, getting a smart savings set up with CITBank is quick and easy to do online! Get started now.

Invest your spare change

Investing can be a scary word, but it really doesn’t have to be. Acorns is an app that syncs with your bank in order to help you start investing with spare change! We have all heard about saving our pennies for a rainy day, right? Well, with Acorns you can save your pennies and gain interest!

See my Acorns plan to turn $50 into $150,000.

Acorns is the absolute best hands-off investing app out there. You don’t have to know about stocks or investments to still make a profit using Acorns. Whenever you make a purchase, say a coffee for $3.75, Acorns will round that up to $4 and invest the .25 cents for you!

Now, I understand that .25 cents may not seem like a lot, but just take a moment to think about how many purchases you make each month! That spare change can add up pretty quickly! The best part is, Acorns gives you $5 to invest as soon as you sign up! Get $5 to invest with Acorns.

Cut the cable cord

We all know cable can be a money sucking pain in the butt. There’s no denying that. But, did you know you can still get TV throughout your house by using the Mohu antennae. Mohu comes with a variety of great packages that allow you to sync all the TVs in your house and can end up saving you thousands of dollars per year.

Signing up with Mohu is fast and easy! Click here to see what is available in your area!

Download Dosh

Dosh, like Acorns, will sync with your accounts so you don’t have to do anything besides sign up!

How Dosh works is by giving you cash back on qualifying purchases you make. There is no coupon clipping or taking pictures of your receipts, Dosh just does everything automatically!

Dosh will give you cash back for shopping at places like:

  • Sam’s Club
  • Forever 21
  • Payless
  • Walgreens
  • Target
  • Overstock.com
  • Walmart

This is an easy way to start getting money back on some of your daily purchases especially if you frequently use any of these stores. Get $5 for signing up with Dosh plus additional money for each card you link.

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Put money into a CD

If you have never really tried investing but happen to have a large sum of money, investing with a CD would be a great starting point. This is an especially smart move when it comes to your tax return money.

People often find new ways to spend their tax returns. Instead of blowing this large sum, why not use it as a chance to practice saving and investing? By investing your return money, you could get a 2.5% return on investment when you open a CD through CITBank.

When you open a CD with $5,000 and sign up for a 5 year term, you stand to profit around $700 during that time. Add this to your new high yield savings account and you will really be racking up the interest!

Get discount gift cards

In order to save a lot of money and stick to their budget, most people avoid eating out too often. This is definitely a great strategy when it comes to saving money but did you know there is a way to save HUGE on the cost of those nights out?

Restaurant.com offers major discounts at most food chains as well as a variety of local restaurants in your area. By discounts I mean, major discounts! This is what the cost of your favorite restaurants usually looks like on Restaurant.com:

  • $5 gift certificate for $2
  • $10 gift certificate for $4
  • $15 gift certificate for $6
  • $25 gift certificate for $10

These are seriously impressive savings. Purchasing a $25 gift card for only $10 means someone (or maybe even 2 people) in your party will eat for free! What a huge savings! Checkout Restaurant.com offers in your area.

To save even more, you can sign up through Ebates. Ebates often works with Restaurant.com to give you even more money back through your Ebates account. Plus, you can get $10 just for signing up with Ebates.

Scan your purchases

When you spend the day shopping, you could already be saving with the Dosh app, but on top of that, National Consumer Panel allows you another option to get paid to shop!

With a strong desire to better learn the spending habits of consumers, National Consumer Panel will pay you to scan your purchases after you have made them! This means no standing in the stores fiddling with an app or trying to cut coupons. After you have made your purchase, you can scan your purchases to National Consumer Panel right at home!

Get started right now!

Create a budget

Getting a basic budget together doesn’t have to be stressful. You can easily create a basic budget for your family in under 10 minutes.

I know not everyone knows exactly how to start when it comes to budgeting. That’s why I created my Fun Sized Budget Bundle to help get you started.

You can use the Basic Budget printout located in the bundle to quickly get an idea of where all your money is going each month. Don’t forget these 38 things people often forget when budgeting.

In the bundle, you can also budget for vacations, plan your sinking funds and keep track of debt payoff! Get started budgeting now.

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Trim your bills

If you are ready (like we all are) to start paying less on your same old monthly bills, Trim can help you do that! Trim looks at those recurring monthly purchases you make and then finds different ways where you could be saving more money!

As soon as I downloaded Trim, within 20 minutes Trim let me know that there was a way for me to save over $20 a month on my internet bill! I was so thrilled to see this because I had always suspected I shouldn’t have been paying as much as I was. Not only that, I had actually previously spoken to the company about lowering my bill. They did lower it…for a few months and then it went right back up to where it was before.

Once you decide to take advantage of any of the offers Trim recommends, they will do all the work for you! That means, I don’t have to sit on the phone and deal with these silly companies anymore! Try Trim today.

Consolidate your loans

I can’t express enough how life changing it was for us to take out a loan that helped us pay off our credit card debt and lower our interest payments.

We had previously been paying around 25% on our major credit card debt. Each month we would make payments and it seemed like we would barely make a dent in the amount we still owed. It felt so discouraging and disappointing. Taking out a loan with The Loan Exchange, you can easily get an interest rate of 16.6%. This is a huge change compared to the 25% that we were paying!

If you are struggling to get ahead with your debt, see what loan you qualify for. You could lower your interest and consolidate your debt into one easy to pay monthly payment!

10 minutes

These 10 options are super easy to execute and can end up benefiting you big time in the long run! I highly recommend choosing a few that stand out to you and getting started with them today! Any small step in the right direction is a good move to make for your life and your finances.

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